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Guns and Swords

O.K. it’s not just for Liberated ladies

but is she or isn’t she? You really need to know.

I forgot to make a post about this new shirt:

Gals are always “testing” guys, so perhaps it’s time to turn the tables?

On red shirts…

Sorry to have made the rest of you red-shirt lovers (not “Red-shirts”) hold your breath so long.

I finally got this Crusader-Crest variation posted today, on both the Main page and on the Faith page:

Skittles® original packaging is a great way to “screen check” colors.


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I’d apologize if it were possible


Together some of us die, and others of us become millionaires, perhaps billionaires.
Together some of us die, and others of us become millionaires, perhaps billionaires.

If World War I was a bar fight.

I didn’t “start the joke” and only a very small portion of “the world was laughing” but now I feel sick about having even smiled at some of it. It’s clear that the only folks who CAN laugh at war-jokes are those of us lucky enough or dare I say, conniving enough, to have STAYED OUT of the ones going on all around us. You know, those wars which our kids, our contemporaries or their kids, or our parents have been (or were, or are being) suckered into or worse yet…dragged off into.

I’d apologize to my father – if it were possible – for having thought a WWI joke was amusing, because he was dragged off to WWII and then, after only a few short years, conscripted again in the U.N. skirmish in Korea.

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RIP. May your decendants learn the truth

People, quit swallowing the oft repeated versions of things. "Repeat a lie often enough..." and all.
People, quit swallowing the oft repeated versions of things. “Repeat a lie often enough…” and all.

At least read the rest of this overview of  Stinnet’s book at Amazon:

From Publishers Weekly

Historians have long debated whether President Roosevelt had advance knowledge of Japan’s December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Using documents pried loose through the Freedom of Information Act during 17 years of research, Stinnett provides overwhelming evidence that FDR and his top advisers knew that Japanese warships were heading toward Hawaii. The heart of his argument is even more inflammatory: Stinnett argues that FDR, who desired to sway public opinion in support of U.S. entry into WWII, instigated a policy intended to provoke a Japanese attack. The plan was outlined in a U.S. Naval Intelligence secret strategy memo of October 1940; Roosevelt immediately began implementing its eight steps (which included deploying U.S. warships in Japanese territorial waters and imposing a total embargo intended to strangle Japan’s economy), all of which, according to Stinnett, climaxed in the Japanese attack. (cont. on Amazon, here)

I first became aware of the unconscionable lies in the standard public-school version of the Pearl Harbor attacks as a home school instructor: using Richard Maybury’s (aka “Uncle Eric”) easy to read “World War II: the rest of the story and how it affects you.” (Yes, trolls, it was also easy to believe, having read/fact-checked/and studied several of the same author’s other student-directed books on Economics, Law, World War I, and his “1000 Year War in the Mideast.”)

America, there’s no excuse to continue your blind devotion to the war-mongering F.D.R. He caused harm to my father (may he rest-in-peace) and 100,000’s more simply by participating & surviving. But Roosevelt also killed millions of our forefathers (and aided in the deaths of many other foreigners in those at-war lands) by maneuvering the U.S.A. into that pet war of his.

May FDR Rot-In-Pain for this and all the other dirty deeds he no doubt did with his near-absolute three-term presidential power.