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Hello, 9-1-1, I’m #IslamoIgnorant, what should I do? @politicalislam @jihadwatch @pamelageller @acts17 ad infinitum


Take the CURE:

Political Islam or

Jihad Watch or

Pamela Geller or

Acts 17 or just google it!

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Congratulations to #Milwaukee’s “finest” destroyers


Remember this from “Elf?” Well, the black folks getting down & dirty & racist in Milwaukee deserve the same kind of congratulations.

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This is what MINORITY-rule looks like. #Dallas

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So, just how did you figure, “The NRA = the ‘problem'”? With Common-Core(R) math?
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Dear @RollingStone: a few seconds of actual 2nd Amendment #GunSense


I thought that this picture from last August was quite fetching…but somebody on Twitter disagreed. By the “inside and out” part he’s either affirming I’m a cis-female, or just that I’m Bad-to-the-Bone. 🙂


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Jury duty in America: shouldn’t Muslims be automatically disqualified?

Islam has a “divine” code of laws. It doesn’t recognize mere “man-made” laws.

I had to report to the Tarrant County Criminal Justice Center on Monday. Let me count the fun and let me count the games…in THIS (almost 20 minute!) video.