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#IvankasTears or the same old #NeoCon? 6 of one, half dozen of the other. #SyriaStrikes

Teespring Link HERE.

If female-distress really did have anything to do with getting us into this new Quagmire, then it would be another proof of why creeping-feminism (COUGH! Sweden) in government can only speed us towards total ruin.



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The #Hijra: #Muslims come to conquer; it’s in their blood to spill ours




Muslims love their taqiyya and it has gotten to the point in the U.S.A. at least it’s become political-theater. Did you watch the premiere of the “Ahmed-Mohammed Show” this week? Here’s my YouTube video on the sublime propaganda of that.

Make no mistake about this “refugee crisis:” it’s the Trojan horse in plain sight that Islam has been promising since 600-and-something A.D. Check out this fine educational channel on YouTube, Dr. Bill Warner’s “Political Islam.” Islam is an ideology NOT a “religion.” It’s arabic for Submit (-or-Die). Is that the kind of congregation you’d like to see proliferate in your town?