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OMG! #Art imitates anti-Life. @PPFA pres. #CecileRichards & doppleganger from @HouseofCards


OK, so I got hooked on House of Cards a year or so ago. But it seemed too realistic and finally I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. Here’s the trailer the screenshot is from.

Richard’ salary info is from this article & it’s IRS documents.



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Dear @PPFA: so far your efforts have help yield 54,559,615 Fewer #Feminists

Here’s the first of a short-lived series of anti-abortion strips I did back in late 2009 after considering the idea that at least 1/2 of all aborted babies would-have-been female, i.e. potential “Feminists.” Then I thought, hey, there are “male-feminists,” (cringe) so basically to make the point stronger I chose to consider EVERY aborted baby a Lost Feminist, hence the average of 4000 “fewer” every day.

4000Fewer_Too Many_6sep09_26jul15