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Bigger (paper) is Scarier

8″x11″, Pelikan opaques on Arches 140 lb. cold press

Okay, I admit it: I like little paintings because they make me feel like a god. All the time, not just at the end after everything has been figured out and worked out and has ultimately become a veritable color & shape tune that hums and makes me feel better just by listening glancing at it.

So this is a foray taken yesterday afternoon (and “touched up” this morning) into Bigger-is-Scarier-but-clearly-not-impossible. (I used to work on “quarter-sheets” so it’s not like I’m a total wimp.) Here’s the photo-inspiration.

Up”date”: Um-m-m…earth-to-Patrice. The signature line’s date on this should have been “july” not june.

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Pelikan(R) opaque watercolors

Started this last last Friday and finished it over the weekend. Painted-image, 8″ x 5″ on Arches 140lb. hotpress (i.e. smooth) paper. I failed to mention in “Have a beautiful summer” that you ought to add a block of White-tempera to your set. I prefer it over the tube of white that comes with the set of 12 Pelikan cakes. Here’s the link to the sizeable tempera “cakes” sold individually by, dun-dun-dun du-u-un…Dick Blick: . Get a square of heavy foil and wrap it around the thng leaving the top open. This way you’ll keep your hands and everything else clean. I have a round covered tin it fits in perfectly but you can simply use a ziplock bag.