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Jury duty in America: shouldn’t Muslims be automatically disqualified?

Islam has a “divine” code of laws. It doesn’t recognize mere “man-made” laws.

I had to report to the Tarrant County Criminal Justice Center on Monday. Let me count the fun and let me count the games…in THIS (almost 20 minute!) video.

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Better together, Sept 9th, 2015: @realDonaldTrump and @tedcruz vs. #IranDeal


Here’s where I first read about this.

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#NathanHale on @CNNbrk told he “relishes” British rope


INSPIRATION: Find the interview and partial transcript of the despicable Erin Burnett of CNN’s interview with Pamela Geller here.

A little about Nathan Hale on the History channel.

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Dear #Gay people: Who’s actually #Homophobic, #Christian bakers or #Muslims?


Do you ever wonder why the Gay-rights’ activists and their media-kiss-ups are so-o-o silent on the “homophobia” of Muslims? I don’t. Probably just don’t want actual fatwas or merely “civilian” death-threats taken out on them like they are (and have been) on anti-Islamic artists (like Bosch Fawstin), movie-makers, parliamentarians, etc.

Oh, and feminists, as 6oodfella so entertainingly pointed out in this video, where the hell are you on the ABUSE of women and girls by Islam? Wait…that’s right, your granny-panties are all in a twist over the White, “cis-male” Patriarchy. Sorry, my bad.

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Never appease #Evil. They didn’t. #MemorialDay



I don’t ask this of myself often enough, “What am I doing to show that I deserve to live in a country so many have sacrificed so much for?”

How about you?

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Congratulations @nbcsnl for taking on #1A & #Islam

So pleased to see this.