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I predict Hillary

After seeing a portion of Hillary Clinton’s March 4th (2020) appearance on late night TV, I got the cuh-razy idea she could be put up as ol’ Joe’s VP.  I mean she actually looked and sounded “normal” as in not at death’s door.  And compared to Biden she’d come off as a pretty spry candidate.

Joe only needs to make it through Spring, Summer, and early Fall, right up to the night before the very first one-on-one debate with Trump.  In the middle of that long, final, oh-so-grueling prep-night he can have a real (or “encouraged”) health-emergency that leaves him unable to face Trump and…

DING! DING! DING! In this corner – once again – is Hillary Clinton. This time as the Democrat nominee for VP, who boldly, bravely offers to stand in for Joe!  (What a strong independent wah-man, am I right?)  Since she “beat Trump before,” she’d be a shoe-in this time especially if Donna Brazile has anything to say about it or do with it.  (After all, cheaters gonna cheat. Right, Donna?)

It should be an interesting spring, summer, and fall.

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Pt. 1 of 5: “‘Three’ if by fire” (Short fiction)

...Of course the aliens looked like big lizards...
…Of course the aliens looked like big lizards…

I’ve decided to start posting some of my “Liberty fiction” instead of sitting on it for contests. It’s way too politically-incorrect for most literary publications or websites, anyway, being about GUNS and POLITICIANS and BLOWING-UP Washington D.C. and all.

Here’s the link…

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“The media” is biased? Nah-h-h

Do yah think blaming the NRA, gun-shows, and flyover-folks might-could be a ruse?
Do yah think blaming the NRA, gun-shows, and flyover-folks might-could be a ruse?

Why don’t we see Black & Tan murderers and their vics splashed all over the news 24/7 EVERYDAY? Why don’t Black & Tan family members and “survivors” get to sit on Obama’s lap or at Senate gun-grab hearings for those picture perfect heart-wrenching leftist-photo ops?

Find the very cool Wall Street Journal interactive project here.