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“Persecuted” the movie and its beleaguered trailer

Um-m-m, "they" would be the Feds, you libtards
Um-m-m, “they” would be the Feds, you libtard Obamabots

Dear Fellow Critics, from YouTube to the New York Times’ and the Salt Lake City Tribune (who does no better): try seeing the (whole) film, or stick to the actual Trailer here. Just a thought. (I know, I know, Thinking is hard for y’all, just as Math is for Barbie(R).) And you high, you oh-so-mighty at the NYT: 1) you are puss**s for NOT ALLOWING comments on that Persecuted “review.” Clearly you prefer to stick with the ass-kissing you apparently do best, like the how-many-1000’s of words spent on that new genital-free apes-capade, i.e. critiquing your Hollywood friends’ flicks, ‘cuz they NEVER produce cinema-bombs, right?

I have just seen the film. As I surmised from, wait…that TRAILER linked above, the story is primarily about the curtailing of Free Speech. The “vehicle” through which to tell that story? A Christian mega-pastor and, wait for it…yes, Christianity. And while so many here simply Sling-the-Mud (or worse, the bullsh*t) i am big enough to admit the film fell short of a couple of my predictions-based-upon-this-trailer.

It turns out Persecuted was NOT that “intelligently written” as my first comment on YT surmised. There were many Plot Holes, the most glaring of which were 1) the main character getting shot in the back and then driving off – who knows how many miles, to continue on foot, to collapse, stand back up (stand-and-fight, also a movie theme I’m sure many would also throw even their own feces at!); 2) the main character being on-the-run for a heinous crime yet his wife & home NOT being monitored by every alphabet-agency in DC! So therefore, 3) main character seeming to move freely about, albeit with a bloodied face and wearing a hoodie.

The production was of decent quality, though others in the “Christian” categaory, Sevens Days in Utopia and FireProof, off the top of my head, were miles above. The music was good and served the film well, in my opinion.

Contrary to the YouTube commentators’ torrent of fit-pitching, in truth the “Christianity” was low key overall. This was no evangelism-piece (whereas FireProof clearly was); it will not be shown in mega churches as a conversion tool; there were no miracles prayed for nor arriving-from-heaven in flashes of light or on angels’ wings, to save the main character or any others.

In short, there are NO “altar call” moments within. The Christian mega-preacher was a mere vehicle, illustrating the latest object of an ever-expanding Fed-Gov that might have as well been The Railroads or The Industrialists of “Atlas Shrugged” for all the importance that particular religion played in the overall theme. BTW, other than the main character & his preacher-father the other major mega-church players came across as power & prestige if not money-grubbers themselves.

If you choose not to see the film (and given the two better “Christian” films I’ve mentioned, I can’t honestly recommend this one) at least watch the trailer. If nothing more, it screams, “First they came for the Jews, but I said nothing, for I was not Jewish…”

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“Mud” a rare sort of men’s-lib film


Thoroughly Unexpected…Mud

 Celebrate the Masculine. It’s the rare film out of Hollywood, these days at least, that can be said to showcase Masculinity positively, much less Boyhood as old-school rough & tumble, no ADHD meds in sight. Not since 1986’s Stand By Me can I recollect a tribute such as I witnessed a few nights ago in 2012’s Mud, with Matthew McConaughey in the title role. It was full of pleasant surprises which I can’t wait to enumerate.

Spoiler Alert and a Warning. There are giveaways in this overview though it primarily discusses Thematic elements rather than the nitty-gritty of plot-points. The “warning” is for movie viewers of the Men’s Rights persuasion: there’s blatant chivalrous behavior (a.k.a. white-knighting or “traditional masculinity”) exhibited within the film by both generations of the movie’s male leads and this is not presented as something to get past, over, or cured of.

Only one negative. Typically I can find several flaws – in anything – but this time I found only one. [PDF of full essay here: Thoroughly Unexpected_Mud] [YouTube version here.]

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Politically-incorrect books reviewed

Paul Kersey 's irreverent take on Black History Month through the "lens" of an increasingly PC-Hollywood
In Paul Kersey ‘s irreverent take on Black History Month, he has scoured the increasingly-PC treasure trove of Hollywood films for a month’s worth of fictional Black heroes most of us already celebrate!

Find the link to my YouTube audio-review here.

Find a PDF-script of  EveryGRRL vs. The MAN: Book Review of Hollywood in Blackface.

Companion volume to H-in-B (a much shorter read, FYI)
The two characters who “voice” both Audio Book-reviews display CAPTAIN AMERICA & WHITENESS, Kersey’s companion volume to the thoughtful H-in-B

Find the link to my YouTube audio-review here.

Find a PDF-script of the EveryGRRL vs. The MAN: Book Review of Captain America.

Both books are available on Amazon, or at Kersey’s informative (yet terribly un-PC) website, STUFF BLACK PEOPLE DON’T LIKE, here.

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Trading greatness for guilt (among other things)

There really were "good old days."
There really were “good old days.”

A link to the NASA page on this SS Endeavour mission, here.

(WARNING: the following pictures could break your heart, too.)

NASA photo gallery where you’ll find this photo and more.

STS-130 mission-specific photo gallery, here.

Though “2001: A Space Odyssey” premiered in April 1968 (in Washington, D.C. if I recollect…without resorting to Google!) I saw it later that same year – in Cinerama! You have to love the Internet because I just found this site, so I know it had to have been sometime between June 19th and mid-December. My mom drove me (and a girlfriend from high school) more than 80 miles roundtrip…just to take us to see that movie. I don’t remember ever wanting to see any other movie as badly.