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Pt. 1 of 5: “‘Three’ if by fire” (Short fiction)

...Of course the aliens looked like big lizards...
…Of course the aliens looked like big lizards…

I’ve decided to start posting some of my “Liberty fiction” instead of sitting on it for contests. It’s way too politically-incorrect for most literary publications or websites, anyway, being about GUNS and POLITICIANS and BLOWING-UP Washington D.C. and all.

Here’s the link…

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“The media” is biased? Nah-h-h

Do yah think blaming the NRA, gun-shows, and flyover-folks might-could be a ruse?
Do yah think blaming the NRA, gun-shows, and flyover-folks might-could be a ruse?

Why don’t we see Black & Tan murderers and their vics splashed all over the news 24/7 EVERYDAY? Why don’t Black & Tan family members and “survivors” get to sit on Obama’s lap or at Senate gun-grab hearings for those picture perfect heart-wrenching leftist-photo ops?

Find the very cool Wall Street Journal interactive project here.

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King George, another left-wing billionaire, chimes in

Well, kinda-sorta.
Well, kinda-sorta.

You see, children, gunz are A-O-K as long as they are in the hands of “professionals” (a.k.a. the ruling-elites’ jackbooted puppets & pawns). Like all statists, Soros and Obama and Bloomberg and Cuomo and Feinstein and, well, you get the idea…they’re “down” with the military and their stateside militarized-counterparts (like the friendly police menz, above) having BIG, BAD weaponry and countless supplies of “cop-killer” bullets and banana flavored “clips.”  That way they can point all that cool stuff at the masters’ ideological enemies as needed (by Law or decree).

Soros’ think tank article here.