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Fixed it

Better late than never, plus you gotta love that Cyrus is accused of “stealing” the phrase on the actual cake (“Abortion IS Healthcare”).

Does it get any better than a Chick-Feminist Fight? (Nope.)

It could happen.

My inspiration.

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Day-care love you long time

A real long time!
A real long time!

I thought I understood why women put their kids in daycare. Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

I’d foolishly believed it was for two “simple” reasons, albeit reasons entwined like an orchid and its tree, or hooked together like a shark and its remora. My ASS-u-ME-d Reason #1) the Professional Career Plan (i.e. the betterment of Society/the World) they’d signed in blood and sworn allegiance to at the college initiation ceremony of the Strong & Independent Sisstahood meeting and therefore committed their entire life to (clearly well before the possibility of offspring sparkled on the horizon). Reason #2) maintenance of said Career at all costs, even the delicate emotional bonding of Mother & Child, all for the sake of achieving or maintaining the quote-unquote Lifestyle concomitant with that grand blood-oath of a PCP (i.e. the right cars; acceptable zipcode; and minimum square-footage per person of, say, 1000).

Like I said, I was so-o-o wrong. Without further ado (and w/o spending an entire semester doing actual research) here are some reason-filled (gag) gems (emphasis added) from the first and only website [] I spent time on, in answer to my “Googled-”question…

“Is it ok to put my baby in daycare?” All typos have been left just as they appeared in online comments. [My snarky thoughts follow.]

“I believe daycare gets them ready for kindergarten/preschool – especially if you find a daycare faciity that follows a ‘school type’ regiment.”

[Yes. The State needs well-“regimented” drones for the 13 years they’ll need to conform inside the prisons you call, Public Schools.]


“…we really have no one to take my 17 month old for a few hours so I can have some time to go shopping, clean the house or just sit and take a breath…sometimes I think he gets a bit bored doing the same things at home all the time, so I think (daycare’s) good for him and great for me.”

[Nothing says, “boredom” like smiling and giggling at or with Mommy, or trying (not again!) today to crawl or walk or talk.]


“…don’t let other smug moms make you feel bad about it either. Unfortunately, I had to go back to work early ((“Baby”) was 6 weeks old), but my child is so socially advanced and well-adjusted for her age. If I was a SAHM [stay @ home mom] I would do it…”

[To “prove” what a great choice she made, this mother-in-name-only claims not even wild horses could trap her home alone with her child.]


“As a former preschool teacher and now an in-home childcare provider, I say absolutely!! (Break) Also, might I add, that as a busy mommy of one, two, or even three+ kids-you totally need and deserve that “me” time!”

[Um-m-m, you’re sure it doesn’t have anything to do with your Profession?]


“…a mom needs time just like dad’s./ dont feel guilty because your child will be learning and willl be getting the social skills she will need for the rest of her life!

[Don’t let millions of years of biological dimorphism fool you, kids don’t “need” their mothers after they’re born, besides, The State needs well-socialist-ized workers who learn early & often how to obey a variety of Authority Figures (see below).]


“My intention was to have him [a 4 y.o.] go part-time, but the cost was so minimal [SCORE!] that I started him out five days a week for three hours per day and then I could reduce it if he didn’t like it as much (it’s harder to increase the time if you want to later). Anyway, since he’s been in school, he’s learned how to take instruction from other authority [correction: AUTHORITAH!] figures…they teach him concepts that I didn’t even know he was ready for. Not only has it been good for him, but I have been able to spend more one-on-one quality time with my [2 y.o.] daughter…”

[No pro-blame-oh. Mom clearly spent an entire 2 years’ worth of quality time with the boy when he was a baby, though she has no clue what he’s “ready for” now. Fair is fair so now little sister gets her due . Geez, what was I thinking?]


“I think daycare for our twins was bitter sweet. They learned so much from their peers but at the same time if sickness was going around they got it! UGH…”

[Damn straight. I mean, you HAVE read, “Lord of the Flies” haven’t you? You “smug” types need to get with the early-childhood herd-slash-pecking-order programming!]


“Yes, take time for yourself. An hour or two of rejuvenating is necessary when your a mom. Mom’s need to take a break too…self-care is so important. It won’t hurt your kids to stay an extra hour or two- they’re playing; making new friends and learning.

[…and missing you, and getting picked on, and sitting around in wet diapers, and hungry, and…]


[A self-declared “single-mum.”] “My 16month old goes 2 days a week to day care (Mon, Wed) and my 3yr old daughter goes 2 days (tues, wed). this allows me to spend a day each 1 on 1…. they get the socialisationa nd stimulation of a different environment and also helps as my kids are very attatched to me.”

[Yee Gads! Attached to you? At just over a year old? The shame of it. You go, girl. Harden their little hearts. God knows the world is a cruel place and the sooner little girls know not to get attached to anybody, especially to another human who keeps saying, “I love you, darling/sweetie/honey/baby,” the better. :0 ???]


“There is no right or wrong answer here. We all live different lives and all our children are different from the other, so we need to do what’s best for our child and our lifestyles… Whether your child is in daycare or at home, as long as they are socializing in some way and getting taught in some way, that’s all that matters.”

[TRANSLATION: It’s what I want to do, so screw you. And, Shut up kid; I like this lifestyle; here; take this phone/game/hamburger/candy and just shut the BLEEEP up.]


“…I work out of the home 3 days a week and my daughter goes to Daycare 3-5 days a week, When she was a baby she only went 3 days a week MAX but once she turned 18 months she wanted to go almost every day [Um-m-m, “Mom,” she knows nothing else; what alternative could this child possibly “choose?”] to “play”…when I pick her up she has my undivided attention for a few hours without me having to clean and cook or handle business calls. Its not about the quanity of time you spend it all about the quality!!”

[Keep telling her that as well as yourself. You know what they say about a Lie being repeated often enough…]


Whew! That felt good. More video-thoughts on the subjects of early childhood, daycare, mom-ing than you’ll likely have time for, from the YouTube channel of Stefan Molyneux of This one encapsulates the major points in only 26 mins.

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Female-Privilege is derived from…

eye_line drawing

Victim-Politics…which is the monster created by, and brought to you by the divide-and-conquer pros @ CulturalMarxism. (Yes, trolls, I used a broadly inclusive political label there. Look it up. It doesn’t need defining. Again.)

Concerning Andrea Brazier, the Lunenburg, Mass. male-child abusing mother: (, until a couple of weeks ago my pit-of-the-stomach-sick shock would have been strictly the WTF kind. Now after reading this (MUST READ & paradigm-changing) series of articles by Robert St. Estephe ( it’s “just one more example” of females victimizing children (their own and others’). It’s bad enough she mind-raped her own son, but she’s also done the same to a whole lot of other kids in his school (particularly the football players) and entire town.

That this (almost certainly guilty-) woman could go on camera ( (scroll to bottom of article) and demand the school do more, even threaten to be seeking an attorney is the height of Female Privilege; her husband (perhaps concealing the truth about the crime himself, according to the latter linked article) basically indicts a “few bad apples” on the local football teams in the “hate crime” as well.

This appeared first as a COMMENT on the highly recommended YouTube channel, “Chapin’s Inferno.”