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Congratulations @nbcsnl for taking on #1A & #Islam

So pleased to see this.


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WWFFD: What Would the #FoundingFathers Do?


What would they do?

I know because I know what they’ve already done: stood up to local agents of a tyrant 1000’s of miles away. (And it’s the only reason the nitwits in this country that are opposing 100% Free-Speech are “free” to oppose it!) I confidantly claim the Founders would do the very same thing Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, Bosch Fawstin, myself, and countless others did on Sunday night, in Garland, TEXAS: that is, Stand up for Free Speech.

And we the living will continue to do so.

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The “foul-language” in this got me blocked by someone on Twitter.

Twitter exchange that inspired me to make the above graphic and for which the woman (?) blocked me:


Of course we were never under any illusions, before the event or after – nor were our Founders. As students of history, we fully understand that with tyrants there is only one guarrentee: tyrants will be tyrants.

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Unabashed fan moment


From left: Me; Bosch Fawstin winner of both cartoon categories.

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Dear #JihadiMoh #JihadiJoe or #JihadiDOH 4Now & forever

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Visit my YouTube channel for past videos on Totalitarians of all flavors.

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You “think” you’re against it?

I don't think...I know this dood is in serious need of a new thinking-turban.
I don’t think…I know. This MCB dood is in serious need of a new thinking-turban.

Find Fawstin’s fine work here and here, for starters.