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Dear @PPFA: so far your efforts have help yield 54,559,615 Fewer #Feminists

Here’s the first of a short-lived series of anti-abortion strips I did back in late 2009 after considering the idea that at least 1/2 of all aborted babies would-have-been female, i.e. potential “Feminists.” Then I thought, hey, there are “male-feminists,” (cringe) so basically to make the point stronger I chose to consider EVERY aborted baby a Lost Feminist, hence the average of 4000 “fewer” every day.

4000Fewer_Too Many_6sep09_26jul15

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#Feminists proudly #abort their own


Inspired by this Bastion of Liberty article (and the Salon article linked within it).

A number of years ago, back in Obama’s first term, I did a comic strip for a short while called, “4000 Fewer Feminists.” The title came from the average number of abortions each day done in the USA at the time. I chose 4000 rather than 2000, presuming not only females would/could grow up to become Feminists.

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A new case of Huff-Po “Vagianos-is”

Dear Huffington Post readers:

This statement appeared on H-P, below the comment box after I left what follows…

“Due to the potentially sensitive nature of this (H-P) article, your comment may take longer to appear publicly.”

There’s only one reason I can think of for a Man to actually carry a bag. And his reaction would more likely be: Hey dude, how many Glocks does that baby hold?

Every activity/freedom on this list is meant to further blur-the-line between the Male SEX and the Female SEX. (Yes, my little grrl-power friend, I use the word “sex” because you hate it so. p.s. Sex is 99.999% either/or; it’s “preferences/proclivities” that are all over the place.) I suspect such women quote-unquote journalists DESPISE having been born Female (um-m-m Free-for-all Abort-Abort-Abortions?), so want to hurry up the destruction of what they can never be: a Masculine-Male. If she doesn’t SEE any of you Masculine-Males then, like the highchair-confined, Cheerio-dropping toddler she seems to be, both you AND that pesky “O” have disappeared. At least from her reality – and those women like her she directs her articles to.

So quick, gentlemen, do as you’re told: grab some eyeliner, throw on a fancy-hat, some pink yoga pants, open-toed shoes, and git yer hot selfie out there. Oh, and twerk-the-town red.

Thanks go out to Chapin’s Inferno (where I posted this rant first in the comments) for the heads-up on the latest “good word” from the Left.

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Kermit Gosnell, racist

Yes, Virginia, Blacks can be raciss, too!
Yes, Virginia, Blacks can be raciss, too!

Anybody else saying the obvious about the “better treatment” the White patients (supposedly) got at his joint? Besides, if everybody had to walk through a nasty lobby that smelled of cats (among other things) just how much “better” would it really need to get for anyone with 75% of a brain to STAY?

Yeah, right. What could I possibly know about such things.

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The ficticious “one saved”

Why isn't Team-OBAMA going after other "killers" like mini-blind cords and Legos(R)?
Why isn’t Team-OBAMA going after other “killers” like mini-blind cords and Legos(R)?

I got a “form letter” from the president this morning and the poster’s quote was smack in the middle of it. I nearly, well, got sick. I am beyond fed up with the LIE of “saving even one life.”

A few 1000 unborn “kids” were torn limb-from-limb by “Choice” this week alone here and there is NO CONCERN regarding that slaughter from the White House. They only get their skivvies in a PRETEND twist over F – I – C – T – I – C – I – O – U – S kids.