Lock ‘Em Up

I’m Not Currently Stenciling…

7 feb 2019: I’ve recently finished “running the numbers,” for tax-purposes, from my stencil-printed t-shirt hobby and I’ve decided to stop doing them for a while…(Full Post HERE)

Auntie Maxine

As Auntie-M herself said the other day, “…shoot straight…there’s nothing like a wounded animal…”

Truth, Justice, and the American-way.

Where the heck are they? Or did we ever actually have them in any amount, much less in adequate supply?

At times I think I’d totally go back to the “Wild West,” if not for the hard to control diseases, lack of good dental-care, AC/heat, indoor plumbing with instant hot & cold water…

How to Order

It’s not quite as simple as an all-in-one shopping platform, but…

  • Use the Contact Form on each Design’s page (or the one on Main/TopLevel t-shirt page) separately for each shirt you’d like to order :-(
  • Or…provide the same information in one direct email (or snail-mail) for as many shirts as you’d like :-) (wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net; subject, Shirt-Order)
    1. Design Name, e.g. “Never Appease Evil – Stilettos”
    2. Shirt Color+Brand+Size, e.g. Navy/Performance/XL
    3. Location of Design, on-shirt-Front, or on-shirt-Back
    4. Special Requests or other questions
  • Snail-mail to:

Patrice Stanton, 405 Roy Court, Keller, Texas 76248