I’m Not Currently Stenciling…

7 feb 2019: I’ve recently finished “running the numbers,” for tax-purposes, from my stencil-printed t-shirt hobby and I’ve decided to stop doing them for a while…(Full Post HERE)

Crusader Crest

Here’s to coming-together-to-save-the-world-once-more (from the ever advancing Mohammedans and their murderous-creed).

Deus Vult

“God Wills It”

Gratitude Adjustment

As I post this, Independence Day is tomorrow. This design is in recognition of it and all of those who, by the grace of God, made it possible. While an ex-President said famously and with venom, “You Didn’t Build That” those of us with an I.Q. above his seemingly low one already knew that. However…for […]

Special Crusader-Crest

If you prefer a brilliant red shirt, this is the only way to go…

We all have Faith in something.

When it’s faith-in-God, one consciously realizes it. The ever more routine violence demonstrated by secular/atheistic Leftist-believers in the current year proves they have developed a devoutness/zealousness as great as any “blindly religious” believer of old and their faith is deep enough to put it into practice.

Don’t get me started on the cognitive-dissonance Leftists must surely suffer under as their leaders deepen the alliances with The Religion of Peaceā„¢. Becoming useful-idiots for a competing ideology-of-Death has got to be mind-boggling.

Let’s hope and pray that more Mohammedans and Leftists will “see” how evil their belief systems are and how blind they actually are. Only then can they seek the Light.

How to Order

It’s not quite as simple as an all-in-one shopping platform, but…

  • Use the Contact Form on each Design’s page (or the one on Main/TopLevel t-shirt page) separately for each shirt you’d like to order :-(
  • Or…provide the same information in one direct email (or snail-mail) for as many shirts as you’d like :-) (wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net; subject, Shirt-Order)
    1. Design Name, e.g. “Never Appease Evil – Stilettos”
    2. Shirt Color+Brand+Size, e.g. Navy/Performance/XL
    3. Location of Design, on-shirt-Front, or on-shirt-Back
    4. Special Requests or other questions
  • Snail-mail to:

Patrice Stanton, 405 Roy Court, Keller, Texas 76248