Chew Gum and Kick Ass

I know you know what inspired this one…

Never Appease Evil – Stilettos

This is my original Winged Victory logo, but the heels make it a bit too girly for some people. If so, consider the angry skull version.

Never Appease Evil – Skull

The stronger logo for Winged Victory. Hardly even noticed the initials on his forehead, right?

AR Selector Switch – Ragnarok

As far as I know, this Selector-Switch concept in a t-shirt is uniquely mine. I’ve done several online at a DTG printer, but kept getting accused of stealing other folks “content,” which I never have, nor ever would.

Keep Calm and Load Mags

I’m quite fond of this phrasing and hope you’ll like it enough to buy one or two and wear them often – or at least when you go to the range on weekends!

Feminism – The One Ring

Poor Gollum. He ain’t got nothing on wide-eyed women once they get a taste of the power of feminism’s One Ring.

Tempus Fugit

Don’t I know it! One minute I was worried about turning 40 and now I’m thinking, “The Gunny was only 74!!!”

Team “Foosa” – Green Block

I say “foo-sa,” perhaps you say “What the…?” Either way, the green in the JPEG is much brighter than the shirt’s true “Foliage” green. Find a link to the onscreen “hex” color on the individual shirt’s page.

Team “Foosa” – Brown Block

Go, Team! NOTE: something wicked happens to my carefully devised RGB colors when I convert my art-files to JPEGs, sometimes, so visit the individual t-shirt page to see a truer “Coyote” color.

Team “Foosa” – Brand

Necessity was not this design’s mother, rather it was what kicked me in the pants and got this posted sooner than it might have..

Opera Non Verba

The opposite of, “All talk, no action.” (I honestly have no clue why I decided to sign up for “Latin I” on my freshman year planning form, but it was one of the smartest educational choices I’ve ever made.

AR Selector Switch – Make My Day

The “Magic 8 Ball” is for kids. The Magic Selector Switch isn’t.

E Pluribus, Bellum

I’ve wondered a lot recently how to rephrase America’s famous motto, “E pluribus, unum” (out of many, one) and finally hit on this a few days ago.

Crusader Crest

Here’s to coming-together-to-save-the-world-once-more (from the ever advancing Mohammedans and their murderous-creed).

Deus Vult

“God Wills It”

Auntie Maxine

As Auntie-M herself said the other day, “…shoot straight…there’s nothing like a wounded animal…”


When you care enough…

Gratitude Adjustment

As I post this, Independence Day is tomorrow. This design is in recognition of it and all of those who, by the grace of God, made it possible. While an ex-President said famously and with venom, “You Didn’t Build That” those of us with an I.Q. above his seemingly low one already knew that. However…for […]

Special Crusader-Crest

If you prefer a brilliant red shirt, this is the only way to go…

Space Force Academy Crest

Sometimes you need to have a pipe-dream…

Keep Calm and Prep On

Or get a little frantic, like me sometimes.

Believe in Unicorns

A girl’s gotta get “girly.” Once in awhile, anyway 🙂

Orwell Academy

In your heart, you know he’s right.

Work Work Work

The 1970’s considered “the good ol’ days?” Pfffttt.

Just Don’t

It’s too late for Brett Kavanaugh, but hopefully, not for you…

I’m Not Currently Stenciling…

7 feb 2019: I’ve recently finished “running the numbers,” for tax-purposes, from my stencil-printed t-shirt hobby and I’ve decided to stop doing them for a while…(Full Post HERE)


$4.00 per shirt

19 July 2018: Shipping multiple shirts has continuef to be more expensive than I figured. I don’t mind “losing money,” but NOT to the dot-gov USPS! Accordingly, all designs now SHIP for $4.00 per shirt, though I am still updating individual “design pages.”

Curse the USPS, but alas, they are still less expensive than the private shippers I’d prefer to use.

Good News and Better News

Because I’m doing the designs offered here “old-school,” I’ll necessarily have serious stencil-cutting limitations. Some of the graphics you may have seen and liked at online commercial printers will no longer be available until I can seriously simplify them (e.g. “Sat Cong”).

The good news is the freedom of speech, i.e. loss of supposed copyright-policing! Even better is I can offer:

  • cool “performance tees”  like the short sleeve Hanes® CoolDri or SportTek ST350, both 100% Polyester, and
  • the softest, finest cotton t-shirts I’ve found so far: the short sleeve Bella+Canvas® 3001 (NOTE: colors including “Heather,” are cotton+polyester blends.)

My studio-pricing vs. Online DTG printers’ prices*

Just click on the thumbnails above and find the studio-made prices given on each design’s page. Not including shipping, they will range from $25.00 – $35.00, depending on several factors:

  • the number of colors (stencils) a shirt requires
  • whether it is a one- or two-sided design, and
  • if you need a size 2XL & up

*NOTE: (Watch this AMAZING 2+ minute DTG video. Wow!) If you purchased my designs Direct-To-Garment printed at Teespring, you’ll immediately notice the t-shirt prices here are slightly higher in general. There are a number of factors, not the least of which is the Magical Bulk-shirt-Buying Powers they have.

( I’ve got freedom-of-speech instead.)

It Takes Time…

Please allow 2-3 weeks from Order-to-Shipping…

Some vendors are pretty darn casual about shipping out their (blank-) shirts to me. Obviously I can’t start your shirt ’til I get the “canvas” to create on.

How to Order

8 June 2018…NOTE: I am in the process of removing the “Brand” designation for the Performance shirts, so you may recieve a Hanes® or a SportTek®, depending on availabilty. I consider them of equal quality+functionality.

  • Click on the Design you’d like above (or on the segregated-style pages) and use the Contact Form there for each shirt you’d like to order,
  • Or…provide the same information in one direct email for as many shirts as you’d like :-) (wholebrainarts-at-verizon-dot-net; subject, Shirt-Order)
    1. Design Name, e.g. “Never Appease Evil – Stilettos”
    2. Shirt Color+Brand+Size, e.g. Navy/HanesCoolDri®/XL
    3. Location of Design, on-shirt-Front, or on-shirt-Back
  • Or provide 1-3 in a snail-mail letter:

Patrice Stanton, 405 Roy Court, Keller, Texas 76248

  • Don’t forget to include a Shipping Address for USPS and to determine any sales tax (Texas addresses only).
  • I’ll make an Invoice and get it back to you so we can get started!

How to Pay

PayPal: Your invoice will give you PayPal options. (Obviously snail-mailers can also use the PayPal link.)

Alas, Teespring®

Yes, they offer a super easy way to get out graphic designs, but the anonymous “tipsters” who continually sick the site police on my designs are annoying and a distraction. Check out my store, “Winged Victory,” for DTG (direct to garment) digitally-inked t-shirts and more, while I still have it.


…for t-shirts, mugs, etc. but no time, patience, or background with Illustrator®, Photoshop®, distressing, etc? Let me handle all of that for a 50/50 share of the proceeds.

9 thoughts on “T-shirts

  1. Sorry for the delay but after laundry day I couldn’t justify wearing such a nice shirt just to work around the homestead. However, I did wear it to church yesterday (given the subject matter it – Deus Vult – seemed appropriate). I am pleased to report that it still fits fine. Hopefully I can convince my kid to follow the care instructions and it doesn’t end up in the dryer but that isn’t anything that you have to worry about.

    It also spurred a research project (we home school so everything eventually becomes a research project). So clothing and educational opportunities all in one. What’s not to like.

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