Orwell Academy

Artist’s Sample printed on previously washed+well-worn B+C “ARMY” size M.

Fall is in the air

The smell of a just-opened box of crayons…
The deadly first SNAPS! of a 3-ring binder…
The perfect glint off the brass-edge of a wooden ruler…

Sure, these summon childhood back-to-school memories, but do ANY come close to the promised possibilities waiting, hiding, lurking in that needle sharp darkness of a pristine No. 2 + 2 = 5 pencil? Probably not, so…

If you can’t beat ’em, make sport of them.

OPTIONAL Back-graphic. (4 swatches on lower half illustrate some shirt-color variations.)


Hand-stenciled on dark- or light shirts:

  • “Orwell Academy (pencil)” may be printed on FRONT or BACK of shirt (I greatly prefer FRONT)
  • Performance tee (HanesĀ® CoolDri or SportTekĀ® ST350, as available) or
  • Bella+Canvas(R) 3001 cotton tee
  • $25.00 or
    • $30.00 with the Optional 10″ x 3″ graphic of “Our Boots…” added on the REVERSE-side
  • Shipping (USA only): $4.00 per shirt.

Pencil Design approx. 11.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall (c) 2018 Patrice Stanton


Use this form or the e-mail/snail-mail directions on the main T-Shirt page.


Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

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