Crusader Crest

I have my differences with the Catholic Church, but I thank it from the bottom of my heart for rallying those countless faithful in the past, to the Crusades, to stand against, fight against, and die in the face of the monumental Evil known as “Islam.”

This design is my first tribute to that fighting spirit of old, that we desperately need to rekindle in our hearts and souls.

Stenciled on a Bella+Canvas 3001, “Oxblood Black” (for truest color go to PMS link below)


Hand-stenciled on dark or light shirts: B+C’s new “Oxblood Black” here (PMS 7449CP):

  • Design may be positioned at the left front-pocket area or centered on upper sleeve
  • Performance tee (Hanes® CoolDri or SportTek® ST350, as available) or
  • Bella+Canvas(R) 3001 cotton tee
  • $30.00  Reduced to $25.00 (because of “Space Force Academy”)
  • Shipping (USA only): $4.00 per shirt.

Design 5″ wide x 5″ tall (c) 2018 Patrice Stanton


Use this form or the e-mail/snail-mail directions on the main T-Shirt page.


Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

One thought on “Crusader Crest

  1. I ordered the Crusader in black Hanes Cool-Dri, and the red design really looks awesome on the black shirt (as usual for WV shirts!). When I was ordering, I asked Patrice about an idea (while trying not to be TOO much of a PITA).

    Specifically, I asked if it would be possible to do a red shirt but with a black logo (basically, the inverse of the one I was already ordering). Not only was Patrice able to accommodate the request, she recommended a better color choice than the cardinal red. On top of all of that, the red shirt far exceeded my expectations.

    If you like red shirts, ask her about the “true red” shirt option (mine is a SportTek® ST350) with the black logo. While all of her shirts are extraordinary, this design is a whole nuthah level of extraordinary!

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