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The reality show wherein good-think Whites battle bad-think Whites

Yale is a bellwether of sorts. Four years ago faculty and students made international headlines complaining about how White, Male – and of course Dead – all the poets in “Major English Poets” were, not to mention in the English Department as a whole. Time to “de-colonize.” Now they’re doing the same, more or less, with their ubiquitous Art History “survey” course.

So today, what to my wondering eyes should appear? An L.A. Times article proving that even having the normally magical girly-genitalia (plus endorsements from even more magical Brown ladies named Oprah and Salma) wasn’t enough to immunize the White gal who wrote “American Dirt.”

It wasn’t that many years ago when White authors were chastised for their stories’ lack of…





and Gay characters and cultural dilemmas -slash-settings.

Soon thereafter we were further whipped for our lack of…





and XYZ folk within our pages for the same reasons. How dare we?

But what happened when Whites (including that “American Dirt” author) did bend the literary knee to all those gas-lighters? They did what gas-lighters always do.

They came up a new pejorative (cultural/racial “Appropriator”) to slap on you as they further damn you for doing what they said they wanted you to do. See, the problem is you did it while still wearing the wrong skin-color or sitting on the wrong genitalia!

See the source image

Today, all that Progressive “gas” has so filled the room White writers are finally between the old rock-and-a-hard-place. If they haven’t broken free already, giving up on “fame and fortune” in the big city to return to earth and do-the-publishing themselves, they need to GROK quick that their future is going to be like that whirling cartoon dervish. They will be compelled by contracts, advances, and fear of public shaming to continue to ricochet here and there, spinning to the ever-changing tune called by progressively more Progressive book-publishers and the same flavored Big Media that promotes the fictional-fare “well-paid” writers (including themselves at that point) hack up.

Ask yourself, What Would Will Do? How about first opening the window to let the gas out? Then try ignoring the gasbags and get back to your…


culturally insensitive,

“colonial” White writing.

Besides, before you know it no college will even teach Will Shakespeare’s scribblings because of his insufficient-use-of plus stereotyping-of “minorities.”

The good news for us still-living White writers is we will soon be in very good “spiritual company” when forced into the segregated creative-ghettos seemingly right around the corner. That said, let’s end on a positive note, shall we?

Sure I’m puncturing your already deflated dreams of snagging an NYC literary-agent and hitting publishing’s Big Time. And sure there’s also all sorts of de-platforming of traditional/heritage-Americans – including self-pubbed books being banned from Amazon – as the frosting on top. But the hard to see silver lining is you can STILL SELF-PUB. Pick up an antique MIMEOGRAPH machine for cheap and learn how to use it.

I jest now, but who knows how far Progressives will go this time to reach their Utopia…





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#NotMyPresident? Au contraire, #NotMyCountrymen.


What do the rioters expect to gain?

Don’t mistake the “spontaneous protest movement” we are now witnessing for Civil Disobedience. No. This is planned Civil Disruption. These disgruntled folks’ actions are criminal: they are intentionally harming legitimate businesses and private individuals who have caused them no harm. They are not anti-government intellectuals in the mold of Henry David Thoreau; they are the “whitelash.” And ugly? Oh, you have never seen such bone-deep ugly hatred until you see how it twists these Progressives’ faces, White, Brown, and Black.

That said, as painful as this will be, the only way to get a grasp on the #NotMyPresident crowd (NMP’s for short) is to try and think like they do.

At one week in, I don’t believe many of them are Hillary-Clinton-“Democrats.” Those remaining are not Dems in the historical sense at all. And who knows how long it will take to determine who and how many are being paid-to-“protest.” But, nonetheless, they are a strange brew:

  1. tribe-seeking meek (guilty) White teens fed on government fairytales from pre-K to now and further guilted by energetic Mainstream Media Agitators;
  2. self-righteously angry – but mostly neutered – older/”grown-up” previously keyboard activist Democrats or (hip) pseudo-Socialists, who’ve suddenly been handed a new “cause;”
  3. strident teens (larval-socialists/feminists) who have yet to formally choose Socialism;
  4. self-righteously angry (therefore dangerous) fully-indoctrinated Marxists/feminists;
  5. self-righteously angry ”anarchists,” fully-indoctrinated alongside Cat-1, yet still don’t understand the meaning of “an-;”
  6. self-righteously angry “minorities,” fully-indoctrinated by that Cat-1 lifetime of fairytales (government babysitters/trainers) to the point of being enflamed; their so-called grievances are daily fanned and further fed by those same MSM Agitators;
  7. plain old “moochers,” either waiting for the looting to start or perhaps merely to get their “15 minutes;”
  8. plain old ruffians, head-bangers, or whatever else you want to call those just looking for an excuse to draw blood.

It’s November, so the weather, as it becomes colder or wetter, will increasingly play a part in the success, i.e. longevity, of #NMP. We’ve only just begun, as the 1970’s song said, and the second weekend of this ragtag Movement is approaching. Other than the media soaking up the taste of “revolution,” I’m betting most folks who go back out on the streets day after day have no job to lose. But as time passes and expectations aren’t met – i.e. the thrill is gone – even the “unemployed” may find their priorities changing. How much fun can these gatherings be? They’re all Debbie-Downers, after all. Do they brown-bag it or are there soup kitchens set up like at Occupy events? What about restrooms? Are there coffee breaks?

The Pay-Off

The ne’er-do-wells of “” are still reaping a payoff five years later. “Freedom over Fascism?” Ri-i-ight. Even now they call for a “Direct Action” if not to cause chaos, then at minimum to ruin the festivities of the Trump Inauguration, January 20, 2017.

Unlike some of their elders, the bulk of Most mild-mannered Cat-1’s have not taken a page from Occupy’s book. These kids will be happy to get back to the relative safety of school. Through their participation this past week, they either found a niche-tribe to explore on the internet or will go back to keeping their head down, like a “good” kid born-to-deposed-oppressors should. However, the thrill-seeking teens of Cat-3 have certainly found their niche-tribe out there on the street, considering how many there are to choose from! Now more than ever they’re certainly itching to get to college, having rubbed elbows (!) with plenty of older students. If their parent/parents are in Cat-2 (and depending on the outcome of each day’s “festivities”), #NMP Activism may take precedence, leaving sit-in-your-seat-high-school shoved onto the backburner.

Dontcha just know these youngsters and their parents are calculating how, “Took a stand against ‘The Man,’” and “Participated in ‘#NMP,’” will sound in all those college-entrance essays the Kids are gonna write? (Perhaps with the footnote,“See my on-the-ground videos for additional details.”) Daydreams dance through the Cat-3 mommy’s head, of little Janie or Johnnie having a shot at the Ivy League if they get face-time in/on the MSM…

Good role-modeling, Mom and Dad. (sarc)

For Cat-4, Cat-5, and Cat-6, the pay-off will be basically the same: the utter shut down of The Other. They despise us from head to toe, for somewhere within that head-to-toe space resides our Opinions (and as importantly, our Ideas, Plans, and Dreams for the future). One week ago on Election Day we expressed our opinion…of Donald Trump’s ideas…by voting. Of course by extension our vote signifies a claim of allegiance to those ideas of his.

And that’s bad.

Because our beloved MSM has, through Chinese water-torture or Japanese Kobi-beef-massage style journalism, your choice, convinced millions of media-consuming zombies that Donald Trump is the seven-headed dragon of The Book of Revelation…or worse.

He’s Hitler, literally.

Have you noticed in previous years, even decades, how the MSM benignly calls these riots “protests?” You don’t think the prone-to-violence Cats notice? You don’t think they could easily be triggered to escalate? Without a word from the highest offices in the land, it seems inevitable. It is, after all, what totalitarians do. All of them.

The difference this “election season” is that the MSM has finally been revealed definitively, by @wikileaks, to be one of them. Oh, their stripes may be in the form of pinstripes, but a most dangerous credo unifies them all:

  • Their Goals will be achieved;
  • They will use “Any Means Necessary.”

As things heat up, my Liberty-loving friends, remember to stay frosty.


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“Fracturing Feminist Fairytales…” my essay on why and how the death-cult of #feminism will kill the West

YouTube CustomThumbnail

It’s taken three weeks to finish this thing. I’d hoped it’d run under 1500 words so I could submit it a new website I’d found, but somehow it got away from me, growing to just “shy” of 5000 words. 😦

From the Overview:

A future apocalypse is a perennial favorite in fiction. At the direction of authors and screenwriters, it has befallen our planet in countless ways. We’ve been overrun by zombies, aliens, machines; been done-in by enviro-disasters, medical-hazards, plummeting asteroids; been besieged by falling sharks, crawling fish, monstrous mutant insects; and finally, perhaps scariest of all, we’ve merely suffered to death under the boots or pumps of bleak totalitarians.

Welcome to 2016, wherein the feminized West is well into the process of eating its own tail. You see, in the real world, if one simply has patience, humans can be taken step by teeny tiny step until an entire civilized people are willing to commit cultural-suicide. Can those of us with eyes still wide open get our countrymen to stop before they get to a vital organ? Stay tuned.

full essay: “Fracturing Feminist Fairytales or Quick, take the last exit before Fury Road”


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It depends on your definition of “Independence”


Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but empathy for those MEN (only men, like my father in the photo above) who were forced, pressed-into service for, ENSLAVED we have to say, all to fight the wars or “Police Actions” of their Masters and Betters (as in the Korean non-War, from which the above shirt (of my father) descends). They had an excuse; they lacked easy access to all the facts, particularly of their indoctrination in public school. Us? Not-so-much.

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting (extinguishing the) brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams

So, how’s that spirit of Independence working out for you?

Pieces of paper, oversize sheets of parchment, or scrolls thereof are funny things. Some, like America’s “Declaration” and “Constitution,” get preserved from their creation. Others? Not until rediscovered, say in a jar in a middle eastern cave after thousands of years. Then we humans rush in the white-gloved experts to extract, clean, re-configure the treasure, like a one-of-a-kind ancestral jigsaw puzzle. Finally, after much debating – even of the holes left by missing pieces – the things are enshrined and shared with the general unwashed public (though perhaps only after many years, owing to some expert’s desire to maintain the status quo).

Today, July 4th, in the U.S. we pretend to celebrate a piece of parchment: a declaration of Independence that’s about as relevant in 2014 as any ancient scroll from Qumran or sheet of lyrics from Euripides.

We pretend to celebrate, “…that all men are created equal,” while governments, schools, and actual businesses are pressured to preferentially hire the oppressed-class-Du-jour or suffer debilitating, perhaps death-dealing, lawsuits if they don’t…

We pretend to celebrate, that “Governments…deriv(e) their just powers from the consent of the governed,” while time after time the Congress – or President – does what it wants, say by forcing Obamacare into “law” and changing it at will afterwards, or meddling in military intrigue after military intrigue while allowing the invasion of America across the Mexican border…

We pretend to celebrate that the above two examples and countless others of recent years do NOT constitute “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object (which) evinces a design to reduce them (us) under absolute Despotism…”

We pretend to celebrate Independence, all the while making fun of – or worse – letting the media black-ball the Tea Party (or any one single individual) proposing, “to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” We chime in or let pass, “news” items that call such groups criminal organizations, terrorists, or traitors to the U.S.A., our tacit agreement signaling the party or the loner should thereby suffer to the full extent of the law.

What has bred such an American mindset, one that accepts unquestioningly, “That was then; this is now” and “How dare they think such revolutionary things?” In an age of instant information it can only be one thing…willful ignorance. But it gets worse.

For some of us, living all of this daily, knowing all this intellectually, we do something purely for sanity’s sake: we pretend VOTING still MATTERS. We pretend that by performing that political yet religious ritual every so often (and thereby collaborating with our political-priest OVERLORDS) we remove our sins. We become fully Patriotic once more. We actually believe we have “…Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms.” But folks, “Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince (or duly-elected President) whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

Come into the light and out of the dark of that confessional we call a voting booth. Quit pretending the ghost of Freedom-Past is lurking somewhere behind those curtains. Understand that long ago (in your parents’ or grandparents’ day even) a Congress constituted of and elected by Free People would have come together to impeach the ruling scoundrels and revoke the offending legislation. They wouldn’t have continued the tradition of bowing and scraping before all of it; they wouldn’t have remained content simply muttering empty words of disagreement under their breath to and from that black-curtained booth. Why should we?

There are so many more statements that could be expounded upon from that 340 year-old (oops! HT: mensrightsreddit) 240 year-old gutsy parchment of Independence, but that last one proved a most important point: “we” are no longer “a free people,” at least as the Founders understood the phrase, not if we won’t at least entertain the radical ideas they proposed.

Have a lovely “Independence Day;” enjoy the BBQ and all the blowout SALE SALE SALES!

(Math is hard! Especially in your my head.)


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“Mud” a rare sort of men’s-lib film


Thoroughly Unexpected…Mud

 Celebrate the Masculine. It’s the rare film out of Hollywood, these days at least, that can be said to showcase Masculinity positively, much less Boyhood as old-school rough & tumble, no ADHD meds in sight. Not since 1986’s Stand By Me can I recollect a tribute such as I witnessed a few nights ago in 2012’s Mud, with Matthew McConaughey in the title role. It was full of pleasant surprises which I can’t wait to enumerate.

Spoiler Alert and a Warning. There are giveaways in this overview though it primarily discusses Thematic elements rather than the nitty-gritty of plot-points. The “warning” is for movie viewers of the Men’s Rights persuasion: there’s blatant chivalrous behavior (a.k.a. white-knighting or “traditional masculinity”) exhibited within the film by both generations of the movie’s male leads and this is not presented as something to get past, over, or cured of.

Only one negative. Typically I can find several flaws – in anything – but this time I found only one. [PDF of full essay here: Thoroughly Unexpected_Mud] [YouTube version here.]

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The beauty of excellence AND voluntarism

Drawing of live model done by me in art school, c.1979
Drawing of a live model done by me in art school, c.1979

This is a transcript of a YouTube video, which I open with…

Greetings rebels to King George and curious others.

What is it that brings tears of Joy to your eyes? Is it finding out you bought a winning lottery ticket? Hearing a favorite piece of movie music? Reading about a pivotal moment in history?

It happened to me once again last night, while watching an ad on YouTube – for a Volvo truck, of all things – and today I decided to figure out why.

Not surprisingly I’d searched for that particular Volvo original short after watching something else: the so-called Chuck Norris parody of Jean Claude Van Damme’s truck stunt. The computer created Chuck-short featured a retro Ken-doll Norris, of course in a cowboy hat. His beard looked sprayed-on and his face was as smooth as a 15-year-old’s. Yes, it was laugh out loud clever.

Then I tracked down the Van Damme ad. And was mesmerized. And teared up, like I said.

And now, a day later, I’m absolutely convinced that it hasn’t been seen by 62 million people. Nope, I’m betting it’s more like 6.2 – 12.4 million and like me, they’ve watched it five-to-ten times each.

Mesmerized – from the opening seconds onwards – by the haunting music of Enya…

Held by the still appealing though undeniably weathered face and poignant voice-over from Van Damme…

Amazed by this one man’s steely calm and still-unflagging athleticism…and lastly…

Wowed by the sheer beauty of the rising sun gleaming off the twin Volvo machines which so ably co-star with a real-life action hero. For what courage it must take to attempt such a stunt!

So…to the more subtle difference between the Chuck Norris parody and this original, and what I believe makes the former a video that elicits a chuckle and a grin and Van Damme’s one that earns a joyful tearing up and a lasting inward glow.

Aside from the fact the Norris video is fake, it is dependent on a show of State Force, albeit force wrapped not in the proverbial velvet-glove, rather wrapped in Christmas lights and pretty signal flares. Sure “Norris” also straddles two mighty machines, which for all I know could be held aloft by Volvo engines. But these machines are war birds of some sort, painted grey or grey-blue (and is it just me or does the one whose nose we see look to be smiling?). The planes and the soldier-heroes this video’s splitting stunt man singlehandedly holds aloft are State-trained, then retained, and finally, dispatched by the State for one purpose only: to do harm to someone or something it has deemed its enemy. In other words, They Live to Destroy. Not only that, but they do all this by means of stolen property, tax-dollars taken at gunpoint, albeit implied-gunpoint, by your friends and mine, the I.R.S.

Now consider the real ad.

Think of how that one-minute and seventeen-seconds came to be and think of what it embodies:

It’s actually very simple. There were no threats, no real or implied force; just a boat load of FREE CHOICES. Men freely choosing to develop excellent skills…and then businesses bringing those skilled men together with the raw-materials upon which they could apply their skills.

Together voluntarily, cooperatively, Volvo and Van Damme worked to create an excellent synergistic Physical-plus-Performance “product.” Volvo engineers voluntarily traded their time to design and refine the machines Van Damme was then carried atop; Van Damme himself voluntarily used his physical being; traded his time to train hard – not merely for this stunt, but to maintain his fitness over all these years – and then he voluntarily got up and stood on those magnificent truck’s mirrors, and was driven flawlessly – backwards and timed to perfection – into the sunrise.

Freedom to create Excellence. What could be more beautiful or more joyful?

Until next time, Keep Rebelling and keep creating, in whatever medium YOUR talents and skills are most excellently utilized!

Volvo + Van Damme on YouTube.

See the Chuck Norris video here.

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The GOOD bad-news and the BAD bad-news

illustration courtesy:

The GOOD: You aren’t paranoid after all…the BAD? They really ARE coming for your guns. My YouTube essay here.

A Lt. Col. Bateman has written a guest article at Esquire. He thinks “gun-violins” just shouldn’t be allowed in the U.S. of A. His solution will warm the hearts of inner-city thugs everywhere.

Want to protect yourself? Or your family? Why then, here, have a smooth-bore musket. And a lead ball plus a whole thimble of powder! There you go. Now don’t forget to keep that powder dry. Nice doggy, good doggy.

Illustration can be found here.