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Grand vizier of North America?

Photo from article at American Thinker


A strange thought came into mind over the weekend…I know, shocking, right? Then I saw the American Thinker article last night.

Check it out HERE on my YouTube channel.

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Dirty damn ducks inspire a DIY project

Figuring out what to do with cereal boxes is the kind of recycling Tiggers like best.
Figuring out what to do with cereal boxes is the kind of recycling Tiggers like best.

For my Smith & Wesson Softair 1911, but I suspect there’s no difference with others. The BB’s gotta go in, so this straw certainly will work.

Check out the How-to on my YouTube channel!

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Gracie Plantation

You can't make up stuff THIS good.
You can’t make up stuff THIS good.

Fred Lucas asked for this poster, no, he practically begged for it.

Besides, I thought Lincoln won the war? Then again, people like Rev. Lucas make damned good paychecks crying that his people are perpetual “victims;” that’s easier than actually calling them to task for never doing something constructive to better their own lives.

HINT: stay in school and DO THE WORK while you’re there; quit sexing-around; quit drugging-around or drugging your problems “away” (Oh, and parents, don’t use your kids like Chiara dB’s did, as a Diversity-Banner to get what YOU want in life, then act surprised when they get stressed out); and the QUIT BLAMING others (um-m-m, like “my people”) for the messes you’ve made.

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Believe. Don’t “Google”

It could have happened.
It could have happened.

Every time I sweep these babies off the deck I start imagining how the “creative process” might have played out. Wanna bet nature’s B-B’s would sting just a bit if they came off one of this gentleman’s slingshots? Now you’ll notice once well dried out, they do have a surface “crinkle” texture. I’m not sure if that’s a help or a hindrance aerodynamically…