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Making mistakes and learning from them

I quit adding new designs to my Teespring shop because “I Heart Puppies” is the only sort of thing I’m 100% confident they won’t suspend. I put designs up here to escape Big Brother…and yes, at the same sorts of prices shirts sell for there. (I totally agree: $25.00+ is a LOT for “just” a t-shirt and so getting this right is a big deal all around.)

Well, in my zeal to save-a-buck/make-a-buck, I literally made what I consider the biggest mistake possible and I did it in my very first official week of business!

I broke the first of The Two Fundamental Laws: “Do all you have agreed to do,” because added to that guarantor of personal integrity, in the mind of a business person, ought to always be the phrase, “At the price agreed upon, come Hell or high-water.”

For a moment last night I completely forgot that this independent t-shirt endeavor was supposed to be primarily about the joy in “Free Expression.” (Beyond that, if I cleared enough to buy a few bags of Black Rifle Coffee® now and again, all the better!)

I have sincerely apologized to the client I treated in error and hope to be given the opportunity to make the situation right. Regardless of the avenue they choose, from this point forward I’ll absorb the fluctuating costs of the “raw materials” (t-shirts) without mention (yes, as I should have already done…) until it becomes clear it’s time to raise the prices stated on each design’s page.

I thank-you sincerely for any past support and again, I hope you’ll bear with me while I continue to figure this all out!

p.s. If you are homeschooling, I especially encourage you to check out the entire collection of books by Richard Maybury.

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Why me, Lord?

Oh yeah, it’s the curse of those of us who have – in the era of CR*P-for-Culture – managed to retain the full use of an IQ in the triple digits.

So I was minding my own business (and trying to get back to writing my book) when I made the mistake of picking up out of the driveway then taking a peek at the free Fort-Worth Star-Telegram’s “YES!” advertising supplement. Actually since we don’t get the “real” paper it’s technically NOT a supplement. What to my wondering eyes should appear in the array of shiny fashion “must-haves?” A Neiman-Marcus white “dolman-sleeve blouse by Magaschoni.” For only 150 Alliance-credits I mean Federal Reserve Notes.

Well, it sure wasn’t anything I’d be saving-up for, but it wasn’t a dolman-sleeve blouse either. But I guess it’s only old fuddy-duddies and die-hards who care about being specific or getting technical or hell, even caring about being factual anymore.

Let's see...cap-sleeve, short-, 3/4-, 7/8-, raglan-, fitted-, bell-, kimono-, oh, and dolman-sleeve. Whew!
Let’s see…cap-sleeve, short-, 3/4-, 7/8-, raglan-, fitted-, bell-, kimono-, oh, and dolman-sleeve. Whew!

Quick. Call Rosetta-Stone(R). They could make a bundle training all kinds of “professionals.”