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I considered, O Come All Ye Butthurt…


I feel a little bit sorry for all the SJWs (and their parents and their grand-parents) who can’t accept “not winning.” They don’t even own the ball that normally they’d take home after losing the game.

I wrote this for them. And for the rest of us to get a laugh from. And to go in the homage to (rip-off of?) “Christmas Carol” that I’m working on. I hope “yule” enjoy it.

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First #clambake? Don’t let anybody microwave YOUR lobster! Visit @getmainelobster for the #Truth

It all started innocently enough, with a request to my husband for a birthday-dinner lobster. It turned ugly when the fine lobster folks I’d asked an innocent question of discovered a lobster had been…dun, dun, DUN-N-N…microwaved.

It’s been a while, but this is not my first clambake! Started cartooning these guys 29 years ago…