Something politically-incorrect happened: God created Man and then Woman. Oh, and to add insult-to-injury, HE was supposed to “rule over” not only SHE, but everything! According to feminists, at least, we women shouldn’t like that nor put-up with it, one bit.

Here’s to Housewife 3.0 being an ongoing affront to not merely feminism, rather to all of Leftism, Inc.


Well, the pendulum of who’s-zoomin’-who educationally, legally, criminally, etc. has swung so wide in favor of women many folks are finally waking up. This blog is written by a women who got Red-Pilled into the Self-Defensive Firearms community more than 20 years ago, and more recently into the Men’s Rights (anti-Feminism, Inc.) Movement a half dozen years ago. Instead of just getting mad about all this stuff, she memes about it (to get stuff off her chest quickly, Search “Graphic Design” or topically). A few writing projects have gone longer – from essays and short-stories of a few thousand words, to a novel well over 300 pages. (See “Books”).

AN ELECTION CAROL, is her latest. In this one-night-novella a past-middle-aged White cis-female Presidential-loser candidate has a long overdue midnight come-to-Jesus meeting with the spirits of Elections-Past, Present, and Yet-to-Come. It will be out by the end of March 2017.

OH, HELL, November 2013, was her novel-reaction “inspired by actual events in 2011,” the tragic suicide of a divorced man, estranged from his children. This linked essay was originally going to be the book’s Forward.

She has written non-fiction essays and opinion pieces, on a variety of politically-related topics; they can be found in a few places (Liberty’s Torch, Western Rifle Shooters, and A Voice for Men)  where she contributes occasionally.


Please check back as she builds this site and feel free to contact her by e-mail about any of the things you see or read about here: wholebrainarts at verizon dot net

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Patrice,

    I’ve been enjoying your posts!

    Thought you’d be interested in my webumentary designed to educate the young and uninformed about Hillary Clinton.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions for wider visibility for this video.

    Thanks a lot!


    Hillary Clinton is counting on your short memory or lack of knowledge in her run for President.

  2. Are you going to offer t-shirts with the”Impeach This” meme as displayed on Trump’s twitter from a couple days ago?

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