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Kill a Tree, Save-the-Planet

Plenty of others around the internet have highlighted what seems like daily U.S. headlines, demeaning Whites at best, targeting Whites at worst, so I won’t waste my time or yours seeking any out merely for the sake of creating infuriating screen-grabs. In a nutshell Leftists hate me and the rest of my non-Progressive Anglo/Euro-American kind, frequently with a white-hot passion, pun intended.

We shouldn’t have children because, because…Save-the-Planet. Meanwhile in Africa and other Muslim dominated countries, those folk continue multiplying literally like rabbits. (Check out this worldwide Fertility Map. Even Mexico gets it with 2-3 kids each.) We pinkskins – as the Andorian Shran from Star Trek: Enterprise calls Whites – are too smart for our own good as it turns out. We bought just enough of the commie-progressive female-liberation + end-of-the-world propaganda to put off or completely disavow Family.

Now what pinkskins are allowed to do is stew in our regrets. (If we remain silent.) At not having a family or having a micro-mini one. On top of that heartache we’re also allowed to wake up to another one just as devastating: realizing that the “only” we finally had has been as effectively enculturated into ZeroPopulationGrowth (as we had been 40 years ago) or as any pinkskin-Leftist’s kid today (so they will probably finish the pruning of our family tree).

Should we dare speak aloud of our and our “community’s” failing to meet Replacement Levels (2+ kids per couple), we should know ahead of time we’ll likely get tossed the dreaded “Supremacist” bomb.

How about we start telling these name-calling anti-White haters, Survival is not supremacy? That it’s respect and reverence for those in our family tree who came before us and made us possible, through their sacrifices and sufferings. (Earn an added bonus if your haters are honest enough to reveal that the death of our “trees” is precisely what they want. You will finally have Clarity and know where you stand with them. Hint: it’s on opposite sides…of The Alamo!)

We’d better ditch the rose-colored MLK-logo glasses now, this instant. As we American Whites dwindle, our kids and any kids they do have will become a super-hated-minority, especially if they and their kids are uni-racial/unblended. The hate we are now feeling is merely the “birth pangs” of future days, wherein one will be judged by skin-color and by content-of-character…a made-up character that most of us know by heart already:






plus who knows what additional lying-labels that future will bring.

As our Anglo-Euro-ancestral trees wither and lose their newer American branches, many, like my own, will fall completely (admittedly through personal failings). But those aforementioned areas of Africa and actual Islamic supremacy? They will be literally overflowing with people in the same next few decades.

Remember the flood of mideastern invaders that began heading to Europe beginning in September 2015? I fear during the coming worldwide human-deluge, video of that will seem a mere trickle and be looked upon with nostalgia.


Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

2 thoughts on “Kill a Tree, Save-the-Planet

  1. Patrice,
    So, what are you and like minded women doing with the men you know, to create cultural ‘no go zones’ where more white babies (and their families) can flourish as they do in the Amish communities (avarage of 6 -8 children born to a family)?

    You and others may not want to admit it but the moslems are definitely on the road to cultural success and not just survival here by creating ‘no-go zones’; same can be said for the Amish.

    What are you and others doing to make sure that, for the success and survival of said necessary cultural ‘no-go zones’ that women are: stripped of their wholly un-earned privilege of voting (yes, universal suffrage IS an unmitigated disaster), ending the empowerment of women (no education past that of high school and NO job outside the home; a woman’s job is to be the dutiful wife and mother to the man and his children, under his responsible authority) and to end ALL welfare both domestic and foreign (in the case of one’s ‘no-go zone’ charity ONLY exists for those that truly need one ‘deserves’ ANYTHING in life).
    Unless these 3 critical conditions are met and maintained in one’s cultural ‘no-go zone’, Patriarchy will NOT be possible and the culture WILL simply spiral back into a cesspool of entitled sluts riding the cock carousel as they become ‘single mothers’ (well, for those that they dont abort..out of ‘convenience’) and the weak minded cringy male soy-enhanced beta manginas that vy for their attention by playing “Captain Save-A-Ho”.

    Again, this model works for the Amish just like it does for thbacke moslems – like it or not, they’re winning and will continue to win, so if ‘heritage Americans’ want ANY chance at not going extinct in America, you and others who want to avoid such have limited time to start creating those ‘no go zones’ with those 3 key factors in place.

    Do it, “for the children”

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