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The reality show wherein good-think Whites battle bad-think Whites

Yale is a bellwether of sorts. Four years ago faculty and students made international headlines complaining about how White, Male – and of course Dead – all the poets in “Major English Poets” were, not to mention in the English Department as a whole. Time to “de-colonize.” Now they’re doing the same, more or less, with their ubiquitous Art History “survey” course.

So today, what to my wondering eyes should appear? An L.A. Times article proving that even having the normally magical girly-genitalia (plus endorsements from even more magical Brown ladies named Oprah and Salma) wasn’t enough to immunize the White gal who wrote “American Dirt.”

It wasn’t that many years ago when White authors were chastised for their stories’ lack of…





and Gay characters and cultural dilemmas -slash-settings.

Soon thereafter we were further whipped for our lack of…





and XYZ folk within our pages for the same reasons. How dare we?

But what happened when Whites (including that “American Dirt” author) did bend the literary knee to all those gas-lighters? They did what gas-lighters always do.

They came up a new pejorative (cultural/racial “Appropriator”) to slap on you as they further damn you for doing what they said they wanted you to do. See, the problem is you did it while still wearing the wrong skin-color or sitting on the wrong genitalia!

See the source image

Today, all that Progressive “gas” has so filled the room White writers are finally between the old rock-and-a-hard-place. If they haven’t broken free already, giving up on “fame and fortune” in the big city to return to earth and do-the-publishing themselves, they need to GROK quick that their future is going to be like that whirling cartoon dervish. They will be compelled by contracts, advances, and fear of public shaming to continue to ricochet here and there, spinning to the ever-changing tune called by progressively more Progressive book-publishers and the same flavored Big Media that promotes the fictional-fare “well-paid” writers (including themselves at that point) hack up.

Ask yourself, What Would Will Do? How about first opening the window to let the gas out? Then try ignoring the gasbags and get back to your…


culturally insensitive,

“colonial” White writing.

Besides, before you know it no college will even teach Will Shakespeare’s scribblings because of his insufficient-use-of plus stereotyping-of “minorities.”

The good news for us still-living White writers is we will soon be in very good “spiritual company” when forced into the segregated creative-ghettos seemingly right around the corner. That said, let’s end on a positive note, shall we?

Sure I’m puncturing your already deflated dreams of snagging an NYC literary-agent and hitting publishing’s Big Time. And sure there’s also all sorts of de-platforming of traditional/heritage-Americans – including self-pubbed books being banned from Amazon – as the frosting on top. But the hard to see silver lining is you can STILL SELF-PUB. Pick up an antique MIMEOGRAPH machine for cheap and learn how to use it.

I jest now, but who knows how far Progressives will go this time to reach their Utopia…






Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

7 thoughts on “The reality show wherein good-think Whites battle bad-think Whites

  1. Hi Patrice,
    ‘Just read your trip on “Gas Lighting!!!”
    ‘Just wondering?? ya’ see, I’m an “Old Skydiver” …first time off an aircraft in flight, 08MAY1964 and never found a good reason to quit…..!!
    I keep wonderin’ why other than the “Token” Black, Trans., other ethnic group being “Inclusive” in the Sport… we haven’ been major “Gas Lighted!!”… As for Women, once Parachute equipment got engineered and designed to be less than 1/2 an average woman’s body weight, they got involved….! But the Sport was still mainly “WHITEY!!!!’… I got bitched at one day at the Drop Zone by a “Liberal Whuffo” because of our according to them,”Lack of Diversity!!!!!”….
    “Funny thing you should mention that, Grasshopper!!!” I say to the “Whuf”… There’s the office and anybody in your “Diversity” can go in there, plunk down their money and go thru the FJC (First Jump Course!!!) They will be welcomed with open arms!! >>>>AND when they get some experience and ask on a load I’m organizing, I personally don’t care what Sex they are, what color they are , whether their eyes are slanted or round or what language they speak, …the only thing that matters is ,”Can you Skydive??”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

  2. Great article, thank you!

    Just one minor technical correction: Males do not normally sit on their genitalia, which is incredibly uncomfortable due to the external nature of the structures. It can happen by accident, but once it does, one tends to actively avoid it. It is somewhat like hitting the ‘wrong nail’ with your hammer, in that the error is readily apparent.

  3. And what would be wrong with an inkjet or laserjet (or whatever) printer connected to your computer? A lot less messy (ask me how I know – memories of jr high & HS).
    Just be sure the printer is “advanced” enough to do double-sided copying/printing. And make sure to have lots of ink. And paper (the good stuff is cheap).
    Reminds me of what I heard/read about government unapproved “underground” authors in Russia during the Soviet Communist era. They would hand print their own works (Q: how did they bind their works?) and pass it to others. Who would pass it to others. Who would pass it to others. Etc.

    The rest, I agree with. You can never satisfy “The Beast”. Once they smell blood in the water (capitulation to any of their demands), they never stop going after more. And more. And more.
    The best thing to do is to give “The Beast” a hearty “F*** YOU”, and continue going on your own merry way, doing your own thing, NOT their thing.
    You may disagree with his politics, but look to President Trump for the “how-to” on NOT being eaten alive by the opposition (which seems to be almost everyone within the Mordor-on-the-Potomac power circle).
    One last thing. These “people” that demand that you bow to their will, to twist your writings so out of shape that even YOU won’t recognize it. They are but a small percent, usually anywhere from less than 1% up to maybe 5% (max). Are they going to buy enough of your writings to support you? I doubt it. Write what YOU want, that YOU feel will resonate with the larger audience, who in turn will buy your works in enough numbers to support you.
    Several pithy sayings.
    “Be true to yourself, and it will follow, as night follows day, that thou canst not be false to others”
    “Get woke, go broke”

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