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Orwell is not merely spinning in his grave; he’s the real source of #GlobalWarming

I think Orwell is awaiting the day that all these 21st century-NAZIs – I mean, of course, the arresting officers and judges, in this case – show up in the afterworld so he can thrash them to death a second time.



Tommy Robinson reports on the latest in the UK, wherein a judge decides what you really meant by that joke you just made.


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2 thoughts on “Orwell is not merely spinning in his grave; he’s the real source of #GlobalWarming

  1. 1) Nice meme
    2) The motto underneath is a bit too wordy, and far too small.
    Brevity is the soul of wit.“, right?
    “Molding your children to best serve society.” says it as well, quicker, and should be about 1/3rd the size of the logo.
    3) The pencil works perfectly. Kudos for that as well.

    Thusly modified, put it on t-shirts, and market them to college kids.
    (Ditto for the pencils. Call a pencil maker, and have them made up thusly:
    Orwell Academy
    Molding your children to best serve society
    Even with just the brighter ones and lit majors, you’ll do very well.
    Market to homeschoolers and you may retire on the proceeds.

    And for bonus points, someone getting an actual Orwell Academy .edu website, and posting a few brilliant pages fashioned on Orwell’s themes and memes, explicitly, would be world-class trolling, and the shirts and pencils would feed eyeballs to it. Because someone always goes to websites.
    And if you’ve gotten it right, they’ll tell five friends.

    If you were looking for something to go beyond just freelance memeing, this is it.
    (if you manage a paying enterprise, do check the copyright laws regarding the estate of G.O. No sense borrowing trouble.)
    Best wishes.

    Follow ups:
    Orwell Academy: Because Some Animals Are Equaller Than Others
    Orwell Academy: Big Brother is Always Watching
    Orwell Academy: Our Boots. Your Face. Forever.
    Orwell Academy: Molding Young Faces One Bootprint At A Time
    T-shirts that just have 2+2=5 stenciled on them, and the website in subscript.

    If you do this, and get rich, all I ask is a steak dinner by way of compensation.

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