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As “I Live” and breathe, I promise this is the final one (today)


OK, so you hate “gun violence.” Can you at least try to look behind the cogs and curtain of the Great and Wonderful Government and imagine what it would be like if your ideological-enemies-on-steroids were wielding all the power? By power, I mean guns, because as – your friend and mine – Mao famously said:

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Note to self: “They Live” is probably well worth another watch.

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Of course the cowardly sheriff couldn’t do it




Used this Barney picture in another graphic, but it really seemed befitting of The Cowardly Sheriff (who has blood not just on his hands). And yeah, you’re right, I probably couldn’t run TOWARDS the GUNFIRE, either. I’m not paid to, though.