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Don’t be a, I mean, LIKE Dick’s…


Just my response to the latest virtue-signalling – and most dangerous kind – by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Note: I didn’t read the article. The thought of it makes me sick enough.

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As “I Live” and breathe, I promise this is the final one (today)


OK, so you hate “gun violence.” Can you at least try to look behind the cogs and curtain of the Great and Wonderful Government and imagine what it would be like if your ideological-enemies-on-steroids were wielding all the power? By power, I mean guns, because as – your friend and mine – Mao famously said:

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Note to self: “They Live” is probably well worth another watch.

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Of course the cowardly sheriff couldn’t do it




Used this Barney picture in another graphic, but it really seemed befitting of The Cowardly Sheriff (who has blood not just on his hands). And yeah, you’re right, I probably couldn’t run TOWARDS the GUNFIRE, either. I’m not paid to, though.

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Did I mention I can’t quit countering gun-controllers?


It was 3 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep…because so-o-o many Americans are really this stupid.

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As God is my witness, I tried…


I really really tried to give up responding the the gun-control idiots after every non-Black shooting of innocents, but clearly my brain would not have that. So 3 a.m. found me in the kitchen scribbling out some notes for three “posters.” This is the first.

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CAUTION: the road-less-traveled ahead


I’m thinking this would make another one of my terrific-yet-non-selling tee shirts.

Yay or Neigh?

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How to stay frosty rather than go all the way to ice-cube


I think these are going to be an improvement over a base layer of plain tights and long-sleeve tee shirt. So far, so good.


Crew. (Yup, I got the Men’s crew as I’d had a “small” LL Bean River Driver shirt before, made by Duofold and liked the longer sleeve and body.)

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Progressive inspiration for the day


A share on earlier today first gave me a chuckle, then, once I realized it was no joke my feathers were beyond ruffled…

Here’s the Vimeo link to my one minute response. Enjoy?

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The 7-Steps: a slideshow pep talk for recalcitrant weekend painters


Can’t include videos here (at my “price level”), so here’s my Vimeo link.

Had fun riffing on those famous 12-steps, not to mention I finally took the opportunity to use some awesome classic paintings from the CD packaged with Dover’s, “120 Great Paintings.” It’s the latest of the many clipart books of theirs I’ve amassed over the past 30 years.

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WeeP Anon


I need to get out more. Literally. I’ve been thinking of starting a casual outdoor-painting group because I bet there are a couple of others in my area (D/FW Texas) whose brushes are covered in dust or cobwebs or both.

The 7-step “program” is lovingly called, Weekend-Painters Anonymous (hence “Weep Anon”) and this picture was done at the first non-official (unannounced) indoor meeting with total attendance of one.

(Of course indoors cuz it’s way too cold to go outside.)