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How #Predictable: @CNN is full of cowards. #PeaceThroughViolence


My “Inspiration,” now apparently scrubbed at the behest of CNN’s Commie-overlords.


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Erase the #Democrat Party, too, then. #ConfederateStatues


Had made this and went to Dinesh D’Souza’s site to link to his book and film, “Hillary’s America,” to provide the historical background, and lo and behold, yesterday, he said the very same thing! He is a man, truly, “for a time such as this…”

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@HillaryClinton asks the Question…my “An Election Carol” has the Answer :-)

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From the back cover:

It’s Election Night – in the current year – and as midnight approaches, Presidential candidate Mallory Denton is not just hiding out from her volunteers and supporters, she’s up to her neck in hot water. Literally. And she’s using plenty of bubbles and top-donor-provided bubbly to sooth her psyche.

Make some popcorn, kick back for the evening, and enjoy a politically-incorrect homage to the Dickens’ classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Love her or hate her, one thing’s certain: if Mallory heeds the warnings her heavenly visitors are about to deliver, then both Heaven and Hell will have to wait!

Join a cast of all too familiar beltway characters in this Presidential Election tale that’s frequently funny, sometimes annoying, and spot-on scathing. Best of all, this campaign lasts just one night, delivering a mash-up of “House of Cards” treachery and “Bedazzled” hijinks as smoothly as a seasoned career politician flings her promises while out on the stump.