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#IvankasTears or the same old #NeoCon? 6 of one, half dozen of the other. #SyriaStrikes

Teespring Link HERE.

If female-distress really did have anything to do with getting us into this new Quagmire, then it would be another proof of why creeping-feminism (COUGH! Sweden) in government can only speed us towards total ruin.



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Brace yourselves, #Snowflakes…Incoming t-shirt #Satire (Again). #1A #FreeSpeech #CensorshipBad

Freedom U_8apr17.png
T-shirts with chest-pocket-area logo, now at Teespring.

My first Teespring design got pulled by request from a third party. I don’t have time or $$$ to legally butt heads with a likely-deep-pocketed organization aligned with Illegal-immigrant-kid charities. So, chalk another win, I guess, for the Borderless-America crowd.

Find the original inspiration here. That they use an American flag header on their progressive (i.e. Marxist-communist) site still chaps me.