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Did Liberty loving Texans just get their pooch screwed with #OpenCarry?


Many businesses in Texas seemed to take little notice of concealed-carry permittees over the years. Today, January 1st, 2016, it’s a different story.

A tyrant of sorts (Bloomberg? Everytown? Moms Demand Action? Fill-in-the-blank Against Guns?) has somehow awakened them to the “threat” that we personal-defense folks seemingly pose to them and their other clientele. With the chimes of New Year’s not yet faded, we wake to discover some of our favorite shops and theaters no longer welcome we the Free People, we the Citizen First-Responders. Not only have these places posted the new 30.07 Open-Carry Firearms’ Prohibition, but have added the 30.06 Concealed-Carry Firearms’ Prohibition where previously none was to be found.

It is a sad day when one thinks they are gaining a Freedom (clearly it is a “privilege” or it would have been there all along) only to witness a measure of earlier Freedom+Safety snatched away. The irony (and let’s hope it’s coming from merely naivete) is that those professing the desire to “protect” the innocent who frequent their businesses have now left them more vulnerable than ever.


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5 thoughts on “Did Liberty loving Texans just get their pooch screwed with #OpenCarry?

  1. I am sure this is “lawyer” prompted…For fear of a liability lawsuit in case of an “accidental” shooting. It is sad that lawyers can do such damage but in our age of tort many business wouldn’t survive a “ghetto lottery” judgment.

  2. If all texans would vote with their feet, they would bring such businesses to bankruptcy. So, why would any free American support them?

  3. Texas needs to pass a “rider” to 30.06/.07 in that ANY business that invokes either is civilly liable for the safety of it’s patrons. A couple of post shooting lawsuits will cure that attitude. Also all gun owners should shun these businesses. A little economic privation usually changes their attitude.

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