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#Benghazi blame-game: @YouTube = 0; Team @POTUS = 1 (@mmfa @nytimes etc.)

Thanks to a lawsuit by the truth comes out. Don’t hold your breath for the Obama Administration to get anything like Justice or its propaganda-arms to come clean.

Fox News video wherein I first heard about this development.

Hey, kids, can YOU spot the lying PO(TU)S?

Here’s a couple links to what progs had to say at the time: Media Matters;  the NYT story Media Matters referred to as backing up the YouTube video catalyst claim. Don’t hold your breath that any of these types will admit their errors. Rather, I predict it’ll be just one more day of whining about “Faux News.”


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One thought on “#Benghazi blame-game: @YouTube = 0; Team @POTUS = 1 (@mmfa @nytimes etc.)

  1. “Progressives” truly are an entirely different species of life. They don’t qualify as chordata (possessing a spine), but considering how prick(ly) they are, I would place them in the Echinodermata phylum, along with acorn worms, having an equivalent ability to utilize reason and logic.

    They being parasitic upon the humans who are productive, constructive, it appears it will become necessary for the true human race to take a “drench”, as it is called in veterinary circles. What you would give to horses and sheep to rid them of intestinal worms (the worms having no real intestines of their own). Not mercury, as was used for many years to treat syphilis – a disease quite similar to progressivism, especially in the tertiary stage of syphilis – but a preparation of two other metals: copper and lead, measured in grains rather than milliliters or cc’s.

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