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#Islamophobic? Hell, yeah, I am.

FirstTheyCameForTheChristiansAfter participating in the “#NotMyAmerica” “#PHXmosque” Twitter event yesterday (I did so as a counter-protester) I’ve decided to go ahead and start admitting that, yes, I am “Islamophobic.”

I’m scared of Islam because I understand too much about it. I know it isn’t a “religion” as the Founders intended in our 1st Amendment. It’s a supremacist/totalitarian ideology, that given sufficient strength-of-numbers in the USA will, I promise you, replace what little remains of Constitutional Law with its Sharia (a.k.a. god-given “holy” – wholly evil) law.

If you’ve seen the atrocities done in our lifetimes in the name of Islam, done in the name of it’s murdering, pedophile prophet, whether in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, or in America, and AREN’T scared…or at least “concerned,” I ask you:

Why the Hell not?

I’ll post the graphic-designs I made for the event right after I finish this post.

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#Benghazi blame-game: @YouTube = 0; Team @POTUS = 1 (@mmfa @nytimes etc.)

Thanks to a lawsuit by the truth comes out. Don’t hold your breath for the Obama Administration to get anything like Justice or its propaganda-arms to come clean.

Fox News video wherein I first heard about this development.

Hey, kids, can YOU spot the lying PO(TU)S?

Here’s a couple links to what progs had to say at the time: Media Matters;  the NYT story Media Matters referred to as backing up the YouTube video catalyst claim. Don’t hold your breath that any of these types will admit their errors. Rather, I predict it’ll be just one more day of whining about “Faux News.”