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Wesley Snipes: dissing feminists & punching-out women (cuz there’s a difference!)

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I call this average movie a bit of “archeological-amusement” for the several non feminist-friendly moments. Check out my review HERE.

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What could go wrong?

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What’s wrong with the minimum wage you ask? Nothing other than government bureaucrats making business/hiring decisions about which they know nothing and for which they NEVER take any responsibility for their mistaken policy choices.

Find my rant on YouTube here.

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Earth Day…just one more flavor of Totalitarianism that’s “for your own good,” dammit

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Those ruling 1%-ers do it all to save “Mother Earth” don’t chuh-know: taxing you, restricting your petroleum consumption (i.e. your ability to travel freely), forcing you to change your eating habits (less evil-meat you animal-hater, you), etc. etc. Oh, wait…maybe it was so they could just turn a profit selling “Carbon Credits” and investing in electric-cars, wind-generating companies…