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“Persecuted” the movie and its beleaguered trailer

Um-m-m, "they" would be the Feds, you libtards
Um-m-m, “they” would be the Feds, you libtard Obamabots

Dear Fellow Critics, from YouTube to the New York Times’ and the Salt Lake City Tribune (who does no better): try seeing the (whole) film, or stick to the actual Trailer here. Just a thought. (I know, I know, Thinking is hard for y’all, just as Math is for Barbie(R).) And you high, you oh-so-mighty at the NYT: 1) you are puss**s for NOT ALLOWING comments on that Persecuted “review.” Clearly you prefer to stick with the ass-kissing you apparently do best, like the how-many-1000’s of words spent on that new genital-free apes-capade, i.e. critiquing your Hollywood friends’ flicks, ‘cuz they NEVER produce cinema-bombs, right?

I have just seen the film. As I surmised from, wait…that TRAILER linked above, the story is primarily about the curtailing of Free Speech. The “vehicle” through which to tell that story? A Christian mega-pastor and, wait for it…yes, Christianity. And while so many here simply Sling-the-Mud (or worse, the bullsh*t) i am big enough to admit the film fell short of a couple of my predictions-based-upon-this-trailer.

It turns out Persecuted was NOT that “intelligently written” as my first comment on YT surmised. There were many Plot Holes, the most glaring of which were 1) the main character getting shot in the back and then driving off – who knows how many miles, to continue on foot, to collapse, stand back up (stand-and-fight, also a movie theme I’m sure many would also throw even their own feces at!); 2) the main character being on-the-run for a heinous crime yet his wife & home NOT being monitored by every alphabet-agency in DC! So therefore, 3) main character seeming to move freely about, albeit with a bloodied face and wearing a hoodie.

The production was of decent quality, though others in the “Christian” categaory, Sevens Days in Utopia and FireProof, off the top of my head, were miles above. The music was good and served the film well, in my opinion.

Contrary to the YouTube commentators’ torrent of fit-pitching, in truth the “Christianity” was low key overall. This was no evangelism-piece (whereas FireProof clearly was); it will not be shown in mega churches as a conversion tool; there were no miracles prayed for nor arriving-from-heaven in flashes of light or on angels’ wings, to save the main character or any others.

In short, there are NO “altar call” moments within. The Christian mega-preacher was a mere vehicle, illustrating the latest object of an ever-expanding Fed-Gov that might have as well been The Railroads or The Industrialists of “Atlas Shrugged” for all the importance that particular religion played in the overall theme. BTW, other than the main character & his preacher-father the other major mega-church players came across as power & prestige if not money-grubbers themselves.

If you choose not to see the film (and given the two better “Christian” films I’ve mentioned, I can’t honestly recommend this one) at least watch the trailer. If nothing more, it screams, “First they came for the Jews, but I said nothing, for I was not Jewish…”

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“America” flawed, just like the actual country


Go here for the trailer:
Go here for the trailer:

Posted the following just now on an old Hollywood Reporter piece, but as I probably won’t take the time to write a true essay on what I thought about the film (we went to it yesterday) this will have to suffice (I may add more thoughts below the quotes):

Does Dinesh D’Souza’s new film have flaws? Sure. But what “mainstream” Hollywood docu-drama doesn’t? What “America” does (and I wish it’s had done it more forcefully) is point out the many hypocrisies of the country’s leftists: lies in revered history book by Zinn; feigned or actual ignorance of Native American warfare on their own kind(s) as well as history of Columbus by an outspoken Native American activist; ludicrousness of N.A. “reparations” for now-developed land (Manhattan) vs. purchase of raw land; Mexicans pining for and illegally “resettling” former Mex-territory that was actually pad for by US; etc. Yes, the U.S.A.: broke treaties w/ and horribly mistreated/rounded-up N.A. (but NOT ME); condoned black African slavery (incl. 1000’s of BLACK slave owners!) & white-Irish slavery (but NOT ME); has 100’s of military (industrially-complex) set-ups around the globe (but NOT ME or not by my voluntary support). I will NOT make reparations for crimes I did not commit. I’m thankful for the film, America, if for no other reason than pointing out some of these things.

Oh, and the film’s point about Slaves-having-fruits-of-their-labor-STOLEN, so having no incentive to work hard or well? Excellent, BUT…it’s no longer an excuse for black-poverty today. D’Souza’s film segment on the pretty much forgotten (she got a stamp in 1998 ( history of the FIRST $millionaire African-American WOMAN (Madam C.J. Walker) just after the turn of the 20th century? PRICELESS!

The film certainly comes across as Rah! Rah! A-‘mer-i-‘cah, but seriously, watch that trailer; see how D’Souza will give screen time to his ideological opponents (name-callers might say, “America-bashers”). Do leftist filmsters do the same? No. Even close? No, again.

And in the linked trailer, listen to Noam Chomsky @ 1:40 first claim how “destructive” so-called Capitalism is (in reality it’s politically-connected/coerced/beleaguered CRAP-italism). Chomp-ski follows it up by suggesting this business-model is even MORE destructive than “centralized Federal Power” (is he so stupid he doesn’t hear himself; that Fed-gov power is “what” always did, and continues to, wage those foreign wars of oppression!). Best of all he then suggests these evil CRAPitalists be “constrained in some way!” OMG. He did a flip-flop in about 5 seconds. Does he NOT GET that this means Fed-gov must aggress again, against civilians at home; must use GUNS or the threat of guns-plus-imprisonment to keep businesses in line.

[Just how stupid – or inconsistent – do you have to be to be REVERED by the political Left (sorry, rhetorical question)?]

My wishes for the film were numerous.

  1. I wish I had the soundtrack; it is 5-star.
  2. I wish the generic bashers and haters of Dinesh D’Souza would put their money/time/effort/talents (or don’t they have any?) to “better” use than he has; show him up, you cowards, if you feel “America” (the film and/or the country) is really so bad.
  3. I wish D’S had revealed more about his arrest and compared it to Leftist-Democrat campaign donators (or cabinet members)-who-done-(IRS)wrongs yet skated with handslaps or less.
  4. I wish he wasn’t so forgiving of the USA’s actions of late in Iraq & Afganistan;
  5. I wish that he’d not chosen a captured/tortured Vietnam vet who’d been a FIGHTER PILOT…to make the case that (I paraphrase) “we were over in South Vietnam to HELP them stand on their own.” An engineer or infantry officer might have been believable making THAT case.
  6. I wish, when discussing SLAVERY, he’d made it more atrocious that 3/4’s of a MILLION Americans (military draftees and civilians) had to perish for “slavery to end.” Supposedly. Why not political sanctions against trade-with-the-South? Oh, that’s right, most Fed-gov INCOME came from there.
  7. I wish instead of a generic face-behind-bars illustration, D’S had had the guts to show Slavery RIGHT NOW where it’s happening: in Muslim countries, in Chinese factories, etc.

There has always been Conquest; there has always been Slavery. America does not hide from it’s past, but around the world today there is no one whose “ancestors” haven’t done some sort of heinous wrong. If all are guilty, all are potential decendents-of-victims so where does that leave the Reparations People? In a globe-sized circle of people with their hands out.

The most Guilt-Ridden will pay. The most easily provoked to that guilt it seems are White Americans of European descent. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence we are the most charitable with our personal monies and as a country, the most generous with our handouts.
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It depends on your definition of “Independence”


Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but empathy for those MEN (only men, like my father in the photo above) who were forced, pressed-into service for, ENSLAVED we have to say, all to fight the wars or “Police Actions” of their Masters and Betters (as in the Korean non-War, from which the above shirt (of my father) descends). They had an excuse; they lacked easy access to all the facts, particularly of their indoctrination in public school. Us? Not-so-much.

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting (extinguishing the) brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams

So, how’s that spirit of Independence working out for you?

Pieces of paper, oversize sheets of parchment, or scrolls thereof are funny things. Some, like America’s “Declaration” and “Constitution,” get preserved from their creation. Others? Not until rediscovered, say in a jar in a middle eastern cave after thousands of years. Then we humans rush in the white-gloved experts to extract, clean, re-configure the treasure, like a one-of-a-kind ancestral jigsaw puzzle. Finally, after much debating – even of the holes left by missing pieces – the things are enshrined and shared with the general unwashed public (though perhaps only after many years, owing to some expert’s desire to maintain the status quo).

Today, July 4th, in the U.S. we pretend to celebrate a piece of parchment: a declaration of Independence that’s about as relevant in 2014 as any ancient scroll from Qumran or sheet of lyrics from Euripides.

We pretend to celebrate, “…that all men are created equal,” while governments, schools, and actual businesses are pressured to preferentially hire the oppressed-class-Du-jour or suffer debilitating, perhaps death-dealing, lawsuits if they don’t…

We pretend to celebrate, that “Governments…deriv(e) their just powers from the consent of the governed,” while time after time the Congress – or President – does what it wants, say by forcing Obamacare into “law” and changing it at will afterwards, or meddling in military intrigue after military intrigue while allowing the invasion of America across the Mexican border…

We pretend to celebrate that the above two examples and countless others of recent years do NOT constitute “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object (which) evinces a design to reduce them (us) under absolute Despotism…”

We pretend to celebrate Independence, all the while making fun of – or worse – letting the media black-ball the Tea Party (or any one single individual) proposing, “to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” We chime in or let pass, “news” items that call such groups criminal organizations, terrorists, or traitors to the U.S.A., our tacit agreement signaling the party or the loner should thereby suffer to the full extent of the law.

What has bred such an American mindset, one that accepts unquestioningly, “That was then; this is now” and “How dare they think such revolutionary things?” In an age of instant information it can only be one thing…willful ignorance. But it gets worse.

For some of us, living all of this daily, knowing all this intellectually, we do something purely for sanity’s sake: we pretend VOTING still MATTERS. We pretend that by performing that political yet religious ritual every so often (and thereby collaborating with our political-priest OVERLORDS) we remove our sins. We become fully Patriotic once more. We actually believe we have “…Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms.” But folks, “Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince (or duly-elected President) whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

Come into the light and out of the dark of that confessional we call a voting booth. Quit pretending the ghost of Freedom-Past is lurking somewhere behind those curtains. Understand that long ago (in your parents’ or grandparents’ day even) a Congress constituted of and elected by Free People would have come together to impeach the ruling scoundrels and revoke the offending legislation. They wouldn’t have continued the tradition of bowing and scraping before all of it; they wouldn’t have remained content simply muttering empty words of disagreement under their breath to and from that black-curtained booth. Why should we?

There are so many more statements that could be expounded upon from that 340 year-old (oops! HT: mensrightsreddit) 240 year-old gutsy parchment of Independence, but that last one proved a most important point: “we” are no longer “a free people,” at least as the Founders understood the phrase, not if we won’t at least entertain the radical ideas they proposed.

Have a lovely “Independence Day;” enjoy the BBQ and all the blowout SALE SALE SALES!

(Math is hard! Especially in your my head.)


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Internet trolls sought & apparently found

TimeMagazine on the AVfMconf

I posted the following comment on Jessica Roy’s Time Magazine article. In it she reports on the conference I attended in Detroit last weekend. Find her piece here.

One has to wonder if the author is acquainted with the “darker side” or the “ugly head” of the Women’s Issues movement (i.e. feminism) and their spokeswomen. [the SCUM manifesto for starters, which has a 3.5 star average on Amazon and wherein reviewers ask us to believe its kill-all-men theme is “satire.”]

Jessica Roy (a lover of “cats, Beyoncé and exploring the depths of the Internet for the weirdest stuff she can find”) says that at the conference she felt “sad and angry and helpless and determined.” After reading her piece it’s beyond me what she’s determined to do (other than finding more than JUST the Internet trolls her subhead insinuates she actually did find).

Again, has Roy ever scrutinized the “extreme corners” (i.e. that darker side and ugly head) of so-called Women’s Rights (aka Feminism’s “Fringe”)?

While I am one of Jessica’s “small number of women,” that “small fraction” – she likes repeating herself – I’m neither “vitriolic” nor “fearful,” nor did I find any of the dozens of male attendees I spoke face-to-face with to be like that either, and that’s saying a lot considering the legal-wringers a couple of them have been put through by women. As a reporter for a major news outlet, Ms. Roy really ought to have a broader (intended respectfully, not pun-ily) vocabulary. If she – or any other media representative – had spoken with me (though I was only there 3:30pm Thursday through 8:00pm Saturday) what would have come across would not have been virulence. There is a grand canyon of difference between the righteous-indignation I feel and the term she uses, “vitriol,” just as there is a similarly sized gap between the thoughtful men in attendance exhibiting a rational & reasoned cautiousness (around women in particular) versus Roy’s nebulous label, “fear.”

As a writer myself, I understand that not only does the craft depend on “what the meaning of ‘is’ is,” it depends on the fine distinctions of so many other words as well.