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A lone Kite

mini poster by me, (c) 2014 Patrice Stanton

A lone Kite stopped by The Tree again this morning. I was outside (doing the smallest amount of yardwork that can qualify for the label) so I heard him make himself known upon his arrival.Just once(with the Kite’s signature DitDit duh-duh-duh, DitDit duh-duh-duh) then he was silent. Proudly perched and looking around. Unjoined by any fellow flock-members he took up preening a bit in the morning sunshine.

I took it all very personally (it’s been that kind of morning) so I started anthropomorphizing.

Perhaps he was the odd-man-out from the baker’s dozen Kites I’d noticed in The Tree a few mornings ago. I imagined in the animal kingdom it isn’t any easier being the third, or fifth, or in this case, the thirteenth wheel in your flock than it is for us humans in a tribe, klan, or neighborhood gang. But this guy was different (like me, I hoped); he could handle being the outsider (I’m feeling a bit estranged from a group myself these days – actually it’s the only group I’m in). Before getting on with my workI watched him groom himself for a moment (like I’d done earlier, even though not planning to go out to “group”).

When I looked back a few minutes later to “confirm” my theory of him being a Strong Independent Bird the branch was empty.