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From a couple of days ago


If I learned nothing else growing up in Connecticut I learned, Waste Not Want Not. So, the other day my first non-problem was finding a 3/4 lb. chunk of unidentifiable frozen “white fish” at the bottom of the freezer (dated a year-and-a-half ago!). Actual first problem: it’d lost its seal, so was very freezer-burned. Logical (Spock-like/Yankee) Solution? Fish “Chowda.”

Pulled out my trusty old “American Cooking: New England” volume of Time-Life’s, “Foods of the World” series; modified their recipe for “Nantucket Scallop Chowder” on page 111, and later we were all saying, Yum-m-m.

Hope this makes (some) sense.
Hope this makes (some) sense.
From Time-Life's "American Cooking: New England"
From Time-Life’s “American Cooking: New England”