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Just when I thought I was so over “cooking”

Would link to the recipe @ but, alas, it's not there :-(
Would link to the recipe @ but, alas, it’s not there 😦

…it goes and gets (and stays and stays!) really cold.

There’s just something about cold weather and soup. It’s brought out the soup-Liberator in me (as opposed to that other kinda soup-guy).

I hope you can read the recipe. While there are 14 recipes in the Gourmet Magazine/ archives containing the phrase “Tortilla Soup” none are this specific one from May 1997. Over the course of my 15+ year subscription to Gourmet I’ve tried at least three versions. Seriously, this one is the best and it never fails. I do like to make homemade stock but it is a messy affair. And adds at least a couple of hours to the process.

If you can prep the veggies & chicken stock from concentrate FAST, this can be ready-to-serve in less than 90 minutes (and this time I cut a 1/2 chicken breast into very narrow strips and sauteed them with the onion/celery/garlic plus spices, rather than add cooked chicken towards the end). Yes, you really want to cook it a full hour!

Did two things different today: sauteed with lard + butter (vs. normal for me: butter + olive oil), and as I was short on tortilla chips I threw in 1/4 c. dry rice at the start, with the liquids. Yum. The latter helped make it “thick” so there are less splatters as you gobble it up.

Stay warm out there and maybe even pray that “Global Warming” comes true.

NOTE: The amounts on the post-it that say “1/2 recipe” are, for the most part the printed recipe divided by 2 (duh). When I make it, for example today, I used an entire medium onion and two inner-ish stalks of celery. How anyone could stop at 2Tbl. chopped onion or chopped celery is beyond me. I like my soup practically as much “veggie” as meat.