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The Die-versity Game

Play by the rules, people!
Play by the rules, people!

During a recent Ebony-on-Ivory Love-Crime in Charlottsville, NC, Jeanne Doucette and her boyfriend, Marc Adams went one round in the updated version of the Die-versity Game. They lived to tell the tale of the December 20th, 2013 mis-match. If, heaven forbid, they get to play again another night, here’s hoping they’re a hell-of-alot more alert, and armed with something equally more substantial than a nice video-making phone.

“Maybe if we had played dead, they would have stopped,” said Adams. “If the point of the knockout game is to knock out, we kept getting up to help each other. We didn’t play right.”

At this blog, victim Jeanne Doucette is attributed with saying:

“They didn’t want to rob us. They wanted to beat us. It was like it was enjoyable to them to beat us,” she said. “There was camaraderie to it.”

Wake up people. How many more “Love Crimes” do you have to search high & low for details on, or later find how white-washed the earliest reports were, for you to understand the jig-is-up? This foot-dragging by the Charlottesville police? Pfft! It’s learned behavior: if it’s good enough for the U.S. Attorney General Eric (My-People) Holder, it’s good enough for C-ville’s cops.

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Gracie Plantation

You can't make up stuff THIS good.
You can’t make up stuff THIS good.

Fred Lucas asked for this poster, no, he practically begged for it.

Besides, I thought Lincoln won the war? Then again, people like Rev. Lucas make damned good paychecks crying that his people are perpetual “victims;” that’s easier than actually calling them to task for never doing something constructive to better their own lives.

HINT: stay in school and DO THE WORK while you’re there; quit sexing-around; quit drugging-around or drugging your problems “away” (Oh, and parents, don’t use your kids like Chiara dB’s did, as a Diversity-Banner to get what YOU want in life, then act surprised when they get stressed out); and the QUIT BLAMING others (um-m-m, like “my people”) for the messes you’ve made.