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Are criminals racist or just their guns?

Well, can you think of a better explanation?
Well, can you think of a better explanation?

(HT: SBPDL) These surprising (:-|) conclusions and statistics just in from the Journal of American Pediatrics [Pediatrics 2014;133:219–225] on the unfortunate recipients of unwanted bullets:

“On average, 20 US children and adolescents were hospitalized each day in 2009 due to firearm injuries. Public health efforts are needed to reduce this common source of childhood injury.”

“Significant racial and gender differences in hospitalization rates for firearm injuries were observed…The overall rate for black males was 10.5 times higher than the rate for white males.”

“…males, blacks, and those receiving Medicaid were at the highest risk of firearm-related hospitalizations.”

It gets even MORE racist when you narrow the stats down to the 15-19 year-old black males vs. 15-19 y.o. white males: there the rate for blacks is 13.1 times higher.

Unfortunately while these professionals purport to know so much about various problems in the various “communities” PLAGUED by out-of-control shooters with their wildly off-target GUNFIRE, their solutions will go nowhere towards actually preventing the injuries they’ve been studying. They propose prevention (i.e.  “education”) programs like those used to reduce residential FIRES and childhood DROWNINGS, along with consumer product regulations (i.e. more “education” – read the safety manual that comes with your gun, kids), public health education, and, DRUMROLL…

…Zoning restrictions!

Because GUN-FREE Zones work so well, don’t they.

Read all of it here:

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Global-warming wardrobe

One more of those days when I so wish it was all true...
One more of those days when I so wish it was all true…

If only manmade global warming was true. I swear I’d go out, feign interest (i.e. commit fraud) and test drive monster-trucks and SUVs all day, all week. Geez…

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(More) Joy of Opaque Watercolor!

Stop what you are doing and visit NOW!
Stop what you are doing and visit NOW!

I am enjoying the Open Studio that the senior center in my hometown (Keller, TX) is letting me host. We have been meeting Wednesday afternoons. January’s session is over, but February we’ll be back at it. This is the picture I started this past Wednesday and finished at home.

6″ x 8″ opaque watercolor (Dick Blick premium tempera) on 140 lb. Strathmore 400 watercolor paper. If you are wondering what the “stucco effect” is from: I’ve been experimenting with acrylic mediums on paper (and just a few days ago, on artist’s canvas). This is Liquitex (R) modeling paste, applied with a palette knife then textured by pressing & lifting a scrap of very heavy/coarse artist’s canvas (#8 or #6 I think).

Have also been experimenting with final acrylic glazes on my most recent watercolors. This one has one coat of Liquitex matte varnish. I believe that has solved the scanner-reflection problem I had with the gloss finish (which I do prefer, but not if I can’t scan things).

6" x 8" tempera on acrylic varnished artist's canvas
6″ x 8″ tempera on acrylic varnished artist’s canvas

Three Pears experiment

I did this quote-unquote very quickly…just so I could see how cutting my own squares of canvas and backing them with a FLEXIBLE cardstock would work out “in the field.” The wrinkles you see here, there, and running across the picture will never come out: I was so smart back when I bought the stuff that I decided to pre-shrink the enitre role of lightweight unprimed canvas. In a swimming pool. On a length of PVC pipe “to KEEP it from wrinkling.” Famous last words.

Please, DON’T you DO THAT. Repeat: the wrinkles will never come out.

When I found this particular photo of pears on PaintMyPhoto with the wrinkled white tablecloth, I thought, “pe(a)rfect.” After sufficiently thick-ish color layers were dry I varnished it (and got smearing of the near-black background) and then did some touch-up with more tempera. Before a second matte varnish I used a spray “workable fixative” to prevent any more smearing. It seems to have worked.

Moderate flexing of the fully-dry painting does not seem to leave/make any cracks, etc. I feel very comfortable about cutting PRIMED canvas to 8.25″ x 10.25″ and stapling each one (within that extra 1/4″) to, say, 8.25+” x 10.25+” single-thickness corrugated cardboard for working on-the-go. Keeping them small means they might fit in document sleeves for further “travel protection.”

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“Dig” this Sundance short!

Best movie line of the year: "He don't NEED no permit."
Best movie line of the year: “He don’t NEED no permit.”

And the line was delivered by a sweet little (7-ish) actress, Mallory Mahoney. Made me teary.

Got (any) Liberty? Judging by most of the film’s YouTube comments, that’d be a big, “Not much and not for much longer, good buddy.” I think you can pretty much “guess” how I see the film.

“Dig” on YouTube here.

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Jan. 20, 2014: Celebrate Plagiarism!

Celebrate Copy Off Your Neighbor's Paper Day.
Celebrate “Copy Off Your Neighbor’s Paper Day.”

Come on, kids; it’s MLK-tested, MLK-approved.  I know you’re off today, celebrating that multi-faceted cheater, Martin Luther King, Jr., but next time you have a quiz lean in and help yourself. If you get caught just say:

If it’s good enough to get “Doctor” King through school, then shouldn’t it be good enough for me?

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“Mud” a rare sort of men’s-lib film


Thoroughly Unexpected…Mud

 Celebrate the Masculine. It’s the rare film out of Hollywood, these days at least, that can be said to showcase Masculinity positively, much less Boyhood as old-school rough & tumble, no ADHD meds in sight. Not since 1986’s Stand By Me can I recollect a tribute such as I witnessed a few nights ago in 2012’s Mud, with Matthew McConaughey in the title role. It was full of pleasant surprises which I can’t wait to enumerate.

Spoiler Alert and a Warning. There are giveaways in this overview though it primarily discusses Thematic elements rather than the nitty-gritty of plot-points. The “warning” is for movie viewers of the Men’s Rights persuasion: there’s blatant chivalrous behavior (a.k.a. white-knighting or “traditional masculinity”) exhibited within the film by both generations of the movie’s male leads and this is not presented as something to get past, over, or cured of.

Only one negative. Typically I can find several flaws – in anything – but this time I found only one. [PDF of full essay here: Thoroughly Unexpected_Mud] [YouTube version here.]

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From a couple of days ago


If I learned nothing else growing up in Connecticut I learned, Waste Not Want Not. So, the other day my first non-problem was finding a 3/4 lb. chunk of unidentifiable frozen “white fish” at the bottom of the freezer (dated a year-and-a-half ago!). Actual first problem: it’d lost its seal, so was very freezer-burned. Logical (Spock-like/Yankee) Solution? Fish “Chowda.”

Pulled out my trusty old “American Cooking: New England” volume of Time-Life’s, “Foods of the World” series; modified their recipe for “Nantucket Scallop Chowder” on page 111, and later we were all saying, Yum-m-m.

Hope this makes (some) sense.
Hope this makes (some) sense.
From Time-Life's "American Cooking: New England"
From Time-Life’s “American Cooking: New England”


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Just when I thought I was so over “cooking”

Would link to the recipe @ but, alas, it's not there :-(
Would link to the recipe @ but, alas, it’s not there 😦

…it goes and gets (and stays and stays!) really cold.

There’s just something about cold weather and soup. It’s brought out the soup-Liberator in me (as opposed to that other kinda soup-guy).

I hope you can read the recipe. While there are 14 recipes in the Gourmet Magazine/ archives containing the phrase “Tortilla Soup” none are this specific one from May 1997. Over the course of my 15+ year subscription to Gourmet I’ve tried at least three versions. Seriously, this one is the best and it never fails. I do like to make homemade stock but it is a messy affair. And adds at least a couple of hours to the process.

If you can prep the veggies & chicken stock from concentrate FAST, this can be ready-to-serve in less than 90 minutes (and this time I cut a 1/2 chicken breast into very narrow strips and sauteed them with the onion/celery/garlic plus spices, rather than add cooked chicken towards the end). Yes, you really want to cook it a full hour!

Did two things different today: sauteed with lard + butter (vs. normal for me: butter + olive oil), and as I was short on tortilla chips I threw in 1/4 c. dry rice at the start, with the liquids. Yum. The latter helped make it “thick” so there are less splatters as you gobble it up.

Stay warm out there and maybe even pray that “Global Warming” comes true.

NOTE: The amounts on the post-it that say “1/2 recipe” are, for the most part the printed recipe divided by 2 (duh). When I make it, for example today, I used an entire medium onion and two inner-ish stalks of celery. How anyone could stop at 2Tbl. chopped onion or chopped celery is beyond me. I like my soup practically as much “veggie” as meat.

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The Die-versity Game

Play by the rules, people!
Play by the rules, people!

During a recent Ebony-on-Ivory Love-Crime in Charlottsville, NC, Jeanne Doucette and her boyfriend, Marc Adams went one round in the updated version of the Die-versity Game. They lived to tell the tale of the December 20th, 2013 mis-match. If, heaven forbid, they get to play again another night, here’s hoping they’re a hell-of-alot more alert, and armed with something equally more substantial than a nice video-making phone.

“Maybe if we had played dead, they would have stopped,” said Adams. “If the point of the knockout game is to knock out, we kept getting up to help each other. We didn’t play right.”

At this blog, victim Jeanne Doucette is attributed with saying:

“They didn’t want to rob us. They wanted to beat us. It was like it was enjoyable to them to beat us,” she said. “There was camaraderie to it.”

Wake up people. How many more “Love Crimes” do you have to search high & low for details on, or later find how white-washed the earliest reports were, for you to understand the jig-is-up? This foot-dragging by the Charlottesville police? Pfft! It’s learned behavior: if it’s good enough for the U.S. Attorney General Eric (My-People) Holder, it’s good enough for C-ville’s cops.

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Gracie Plantation

You can't make up stuff THIS good.
You can’t make up stuff THIS good.

Fred Lucas asked for this poster, no, he practically begged for it.

Besides, I thought Lincoln won the war? Then again, people like Rev. Lucas make damned good paychecks crying that his people are perpetual “victims;” that’s easier than actually calling them to task for never doing something constructive to better their own lives.

HINT: stay in school and DO THE WORK while you’re there; quit sexing-around; quit drugging-around or drugging your problems “away” (Oh, and parents, don’t use your kids like Chiara dB’s did, as a Diversity-Banner to get what YOU want in life, then act surprised when they get stressed out); and the QUIT BLAMING others (um-m-m, like “my people”) for the messes you’ve made.