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Female-Privilege is derived from…

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Victim-Politics…which is the monster created by, and brought to you by the divide-and-conquer pros @ CulturalMarxism. (Yes, trolls, I used a broadly inclusive political label there. Look it up. It doesn’t need defining. Again.)

Concerning Andrea Brazier, the Lunenburg, Mass. male-child abusing mother: (, until a couple of weeks ago my pit-of-the-stomach-sick shock would have been strictly the WTF kind. Now after reading this (MUST READ & paradigm-changing) series of articles by Robert St. Estephe ( it’s “just one more example” of females victimizing children (their own and others’). It’s bad enough she mind-raped her own son, but she’s also done the same to a whole lot of other kids in his school (particularly the football players) and entire town.

That this (almost certainly guilty-) woman could go on camera ( (scroll to bottom of article) and demand the school do more, even threaten to be seeking an attorney is the height of Female Privilege; her husband (perhaps concealing the truth about the crime himself, according to the latter linked article) basically indicts a “few bad apples” on the local football teams in the “hate crime” as well.

This appeared first as a COMMENT on the highly recommended YouTube channel, “Chapin’s Inferno.”


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