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A novel use for your precious “little darlings”

Some backstory actually is that interesting...
Some character-history (backstory) actually is that interesting…

Does any fiction writer, but especially a newbie (like me), enjoy editing out (throwing away) interesting anecdotes, unusual family incidents, or downright dirty secrets their main characters are hiding? Of course not.

But what to do with them, that is the question.

How about saying, Fuh-gedd-about-it…to writing (and filing away) those boring diary entries, or straight forward personal History sheets you typically work up during prep for your current crop of actors? How about bringing them a bit more to life in your head than they already are and teasing your fans at the same time? (I’m so-o-o jealous if you have fans already. Stalkers, not so much.)

Give them some FREE! short stories (on Smashwords, say) full of that goodness (or badness!). Especially the “dirty secret” kind of badness. As in, how it was that the garden spade of your protagonist was found to have human blood on it…Yeah, sure they’ll have to wait for the entirety of your novel (or novella), to get the “rest of the story,” but you’ll sure build an excited fan base (or happily expand what you have).

And aren’t opportunities to practice Delayed Gratification in dreadfully short supply these days? Besides, if all that fan-clamoring becomes deafening, nothing says that you can’t throw them another Short-backStory over the months you’re writing/editing/and beta-testing your book. You might find a few days “break” is just what you need in the home stretch.


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