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Spin a sci-fi yarn

Inspired by the movie, "Sharknado" (honest)
Inspired by the movie, “Sharknado” (honest)

I really don’t like sharks (who does?). If we have the TV on and some sort of underwater promo comes on (with even a remote chance of showing one of them) I have my arms pre-crossed in front of my face, peaking through them at the screen. It’s that bad.

But last night I watched a SyFy original movie, Sharknado. Yup. Sharks in a tornado and I’m late to the parade (it’s been out since July). Several twisters star in the production, to be precise. My daughter was remarking about how silly it was, with sharks blowing (or raining?) into a swimming pool, with (SPOILER) the main Hero adding gasoline and lighting it on fire to kill them. I had to see that, so started at the beginning. Like a train wreck, once I started “looking” at the movie, it was so bad I couldn’t turn away.

Who knew average folks in California felt so comfortable with firearms? Not just having handguns and shotguns nearby, but shooting them. All over the place: into the air, the water, wherever. To protect themselves! All without interference from the local Security Service. Amazing. If only…

Do you need a mindless bit of film? Sharknado’s 86 minutes surely can’t be near the waste of time that the nightly network “news” would be. And you’ll be a lot more likely to laugh during the movie. Oh, and Part 2 is coming in 2014. Better stock up on shotgun shells, too.