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Fish or cut bait…

Front cover, designed by Patrice
Front cover, designed by Patrice


Well, the hammer came down (as well it should have) at castle Lenaburg about a week ago. The official release date for my debut novel is November 2nd. Yes, 2013 wiseguy…

I must forewarn you it’s not only politically-incorrect, it’s also irreverent. It has Yankees, Texans, and demons (not the Ted Dekker, etc. scary kind, the doofus dysfunctional kind). Oh Hell is just one part of the answer to the question, “Hm-m-m…what does that woman spend all her time doing?” that I suspect has been on oh-so-many-minds (especially family members).

Hopefully the book will be up on Smashwords a bit sooner than the print version is available.  Not sure about soft, cuddly demons? Never fear, you’ll be able to read the FREE multi-page previews at the online retailers. I’ll post links on this blog as I get them uploaded.

From the back cover:“Family reunions can be HELL…even in Paradiso, a city known for its fun and games. But when your family’s divorced, bicoastal, and estranged? All bets are off!


Happily married 3rd-wave houseWife; opinionated; Liberty-loving defensive-firearms advocate; Jane-of-many-trades; Freelance graphic-design.

One thought on “Fish or cut bait…

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