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How feminist-creatives “entertain”


What’s under the mini-skirt of SheZow? (Hint: it starts with Feminist and ends with Agitprop)

© 2013 Patrice Stanton

If the “every-guy” doesn’t dream of becoming a super-girl, he should

If Feminists designed, then crafted a training-bra of a Saturday morning cartoon it couldn’t end up much better than Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc’s, new “SheZow,” which premiered June 1st, 2013 on kids’ cable channel, The Hub(1).

It’s the story of an every boy, you know, say one with the totally asexual non-name, Guy, yet who’s described as an “extreme dude.” Guy’s so extreme perhaps even he gets the name-slight, and so right off the bat he usurps the rightful heir to his dead-aunt’s super-girl-power + famous-villain fighting legacy: his twin sister, Kelly.

It needs a down-graded TV-rating

Though the SheZow network’s primary market is “2 to 11,” the new show’s rated TV-7-FV for the Fantasy Violence content. An online sidebar poll at The Hub (left) clearly indicates the program is intended for still impressionable girls (and probably their mothers), therefore I strongly suggest it be given a new cautionary note in its TV-rating.

Though I’m confident the show will fail, nevertheless it warrants a rating of, “FVaM.” For Fantasy-Violence-AGAINST MALES, for reasons I will clearly detail in this essay.

Every week from now on, hilarity, no doubt, will ensue…


READ THE (footnoted) ARTICLE in its entirety here: WhatsUnderSheZowsMini


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One thought on “How feminist-creatives “entertain”

  1. Just one more reason for parents to either limit the amount of inanity their children watch on the BOOB TUBE or – even better yet – throw it out of the house altogether.

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