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Available soon…

A 20 page
Coming to Smashwords, soon.

Confession is Good for the Soul: a political-fairytale from the not-too-distant future…

(5300 word short story)

Oil lamps and computers, horse-drawn carts and semi-auto toting rough-men on the walls…

Welcome to USAFFC-DC [Fortified Federal Compound, District of Columbia]. The project had been the first of its kind, an above ground “bunker.” Now, “she” was reputed to be the country’s most secure.  The less-fortunates inside and the roving bands of outlaws beyond its walls disparagingly refer to it as Fort Dyke for short. 

Within its thick, [government ;-)] certified blast-proof walls, an admin-staffer with decades of loyal service to the tyrannical Regime has had a crisis of conscience…the crisis being she’s actually developed one!

Check my author page for this one (in a few days) as well as other FREE short-story downloads.

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Thankfully this scammer wasn’t from Texas…

Is it just me, or does this dude have more than a "running" resemblance to a former Dallas Cowboy?
Is it just me, or does this dude have more than a “running” resemblance to a former Dallas Cowboy?

Story of this gadabout, HERE. One thing’s for sure, you can’t say he didn’t come up with a creative way to fill his time – as well as a few minutes of 14 lucky “ladies.”

Of course he’s not ever going to jail for Non-payment of Child-Support. The welfare Queens who birthed his bastards had no reason to go to court. Dey got dem uh sugar-uncle: Uncle Sam. How ’bout we pretend to “overhaul” Welfare, along with “Immigration?”

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How feminist-creatives “entertain”


What’s under the mini-skirt of SheZow? (Hint: it starts with Feminist and ends with Agitprop)

© 2013 Patrice Stanton

If the “every-guy” doesn’t dream of becoming a super-girl, he should

If Feminists designed, then crafted a training-bra of a Saturday morning cartoon it couldn’t end up much better than Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc’s, new “SheZow,” which premiered June 1st, 2013 on kids’ cable channel, The Hub(1).

It’s the story of an every boy, you know, say one with the totally asexual non-name, Guy, yet who’s described as an “extreme dude.” Guy’s so extreme perhaps even he gets the name-slight, and so right off the bat he usurps the rightful heir to his dead-aunt’s super-girl-power + famous-villain fighting legacy: his twin sister, Kelly.

It needs a down-graded TV-rating

Though the SheZow network’s primary market is “2 to 11,” the new show’s rated TV-7-FV for the Fantasy Violence content. An online sidebar poll at The Hub (left) clearly indicates the program is intended for still impressionable girls (and probably their mothers), therefore I strongly suggest it be given a new cautionary note in its TV-rating.

Though I’m confident the show will fail, nevertheless it warrants a rating of, “FVaM.” For Fantasy-Violence-AGAINST MALES, for reasons I will clearly detail in this essay.

Every week from now on, hilarity, no doubt, will ensue…


READ THE (footnoted) ARTICLE in its entirety here: WhatsUnderSheZowsMini