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Pt.3 of 3: “Yankee Determinism” is up

On the far left, my dad, Ralph H. Stanton,
On far left is my dad, Ralph H. Stanton (1920-2008), training “during WWII.” (Don’t know who the others are or where this was taken.)

Pt. 3 of 3 is up, here.

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A real “cause” for American so-called feminists

How 'bout you "Liberate" the girls in Afghanistan!
How ’bout you “Liberate” the girls in Afghanistan!

I know: how can you tell WHAT’s under that get up? Sadly, until some of the girls started keeling over there’d been no way to tell any of them weren’t feeling too good either. At least when you see someone going all white – or greyish – or flush – you know they’re getting ill.

Reuter’s story here.