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Pt.1 of 3: “Yankee Determinism” (short fiction) is up

Yes, "Barbarrossaaaa," there is such a thing as a "real man"
Yes, “Barbarrosssaaaa,” there is such a thing as a “real man”

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(The caption refers to an individual who’s part of the Men’s Movement. )

Find a taste of Barbarosssaaaa here. While I’m all-in with the fight against the “supremacy movement” that Feminism has clearly become, and agree with some of his sentiments, I can’t advocate his extreme view, his lone-monk sort of life for men. This would ultimately portend the Extinction-of-Civilization (when & if a mass-of-men traveled such a solo path)…for that would leave only the Barbarians-among-us to perpetuate the human species.

Western/Liberal Guilt (fewer to no offspring) is already shifting the global population towards a poorer, less-educated, and therefore less-capable-of-sustaining Energy-production, therefore Food-production, therefore Clothing- and Housing/Shelter-production, and therefore Healthcare/Medicine-production. I don’t believe we need to add fuel to that destructive fire.