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A real “cause” for American so-called feminists

How 'bout you "Liberate" the girls in Afghanistan!
How ’bout you “Liberate” the girls in Afghanistan!

I know: how can you tell WHAT’s under that get up? Sadly, until some of the girls started keeling over there’d been no way to tell any of them weren’t feeling too good either. At least when you see someone going all white – or greyish – or flush – you know they’re getting ill.

Reuter’s story here.

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Nothing to see here…


Just keep moving, citizen...
Just keep moving, citizen…

If you’ve slept since 1994, or were a mere toddler…Find Jayna Davis’ excellent, mind-bending, book here.

Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck and his team have been doing the work “mainstream journalists” don’t dare. Per his radio show today…The Saudi national I’ve (poorly) cartooned on the left (Abdul Rahman Ali Al Harby) and accidentally injured near the finish-line at the marathon last Monday, came over on a “student visa” apparently 6 months ago. To go to school (LOL) somewhere in the midwest, yet had an apartment in Boston.

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Pt.1 of 3: “Yankee Determinism” (short fiction) is up

Yes, "Barbarrossaaaa," there is such a thing as a "real man"
Yes, “Barbarrosssaaaa,” there is such a thing as a “real man”

Find Part I of III here.

(The caption refers to an individual who’s part of the Men’s Movement. )

Find a taste of Barbarosssaaaa here. While I’m all-in with the fight against the “supremacy movement” that Feminism has clearly become, and agree with some of his sentiments, I can’t advocate his extreme view, his lone-monk sort of life for men. This would ultimately portend the Extinction-of-Civilization (when & if a mass-of-men traveled such a solo path)…for that would leave only the Barbarians-among-us to perpetuate the human species.

Western/Liberal Guilt (fewer to no offspring) is already shifting the global population towards a poorer, less-educated, and therefore less-capable-of-sustaining Energy-production, therefore Food-production, therefore Clothing- and Housing/Shelter-production, and therefore Healthcare/Medicine-production. I don’t believe we need to add fuel to that destructive fire.

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April 19th: tried, sentenced, and executed by fire's always in fashion
Tyranny…it’s always in fashion

Dear American Dear-Leader-du jour: No, 90% of Americans don’t agree with more-background-checks for gun purchases. Some narrow focus-group of a tainted “survey” (which was probably commissioned by one of your friends) came up with that LIE.

Dear American Statists/dodos: the N.R.A. is literally millions of people like me – clumped together. Just like your N.O.W., your A.A.R.P., and any of countless other lobbying groups (yes, they all lobby – duh!). “The N.R.A.” isn’t a manufacturer, or retail-sales organization. It “benefits” by firearms’ sales JUST LIKE YOU DO: by getting to live in a freer country (“mostly free” from the kind of tyranny shown in the poster above).

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Do you believe in magic?

If you could ask a "Founder" what he feared back in 1775 do you really think he'd have said, "Fear...itself?"
If you could ask a “Founder” what he feared back in 1775 do you really think he’d have said, “Fear…itself”

From the flap over Alan Gottlieb and his treason-to-the-cause of Liberty, I got to thinking: To catch a reptile I wonder if you have to become a bit more reptilian?

Here’s a link to a radio show (Tom Gresham’s “Gun Talk”) and in the first 21 minutes Mr. Gottlieb  explains (I think adequately) his motivation to be in on crafting some of the latest gun-legislation.