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Trading greatness for guilt (among other things)

There really were "good old days."
There really were “good old days.”

A link to the NASA page on this SS Endeavour mission, here.

(WARNING: the following pictures could break your heart, too.)

NASA photo gallery where you’ll find this photo and more.

STS-130 mission-specific photo gallery, here.

Though “2001: A Space Odyssey” premiered in April 1968 (in Washington, D.C. if I recollect…without resorting to Google!) I saw it later that same year – in Cinerama! You have to love the Internet because I just found this site, so I know it had to have been sometime between June 19th and mid-December. My mom drove me (and a girlfriend from high school) more than 80 miles roundtrip…just to take us to see that movie. I don’t remember ever wanting to see any other movie as badly.


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