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Why me, Lord?

Oh yeah, it’s the curse of those of us who have – in the era of CR*P-for-Culture – managed to retain the full use of an IQ in the triple digits.

So I was minding my own business (and trying to get back to writing my book) when I made the mistake of picking up out of the driveway then taking a peek at the free Fort-Worth Star-Telegram’s “YES!” advertising supplement. Actually since we don’t get the “real” paper it’s technically NOT a supplement. What to my wondering eyes should appear in the array of shiny fashion “must-haves?” A Neiman-Marcus white “dolman-sleeve blouse by Magaschoni.” For only 150 Alliance-credits I mean Federal Reserve Notes.

Well, it sure wasn’t anything I’d be saving-up for, but it wasn’t a dolman-sleeve blouse either. But I guess it’s only old fuddy-duddies and die-hards who care about being specific or getting technical or hell, even caring about being factual anymore.

Let's see...cap-sleeve, short-, 3/4-, 7/8-, raglan-, fitted-, bell-, kimono-, oh, and dolman-sleeve. Whew!
Let’s see…cap-sleeve, short-, 3/4-, 7/8-, raglan-, fitted-, bell-, kimono-, oh, and dolman-sleeve. Whew!

Quick. Call Rosetta-Stone(R). They could make a bundle training all kinds of “professionals.”

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Admit it: you’ve complained

Guilty as charged but I'll try to consider THIS alternative and quit my faux-complaining.
Guilty as charged but I’ll try to consider THIS alternative and work on quitting.

Maybe all “Cultures” aren’t the same. I’m jusssayin’…

Shop here now and never “waste time” standing in front of that pesky (disorganized) closet of yours again.


Here’s a sampling (please don’t say I sent you):

Islam's not some Kallyfat "world domination" cult. That's just crazy-talk.
Islam’s not some Kallyfat “world domination” cult. That’s just crazy-talk.
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Trading greatness for guilt (among other things)

There really were "good old days."
There really were “good old days.”

A link to the NASA page on this SS Endeavour mission, here.

(WARNING: the following pictures could break your heart, too.)

NASA photo gallery where you’ll find this photo and more.

STS-130 mission-specific photo gallery, here.

Though “2001: A Space Odyssey” premiered in April 1968 (in Washington, D.C. if I recollect…without resorting to Google!) I saw it later that same year – in Cinerama! You have to love the Internet because I just found this site, so I know it had to have been sometime between June 19th and mid-December. My mom drove me (and a girlfriend from high school) more than 80 miles roundtrip…just to take us to see that movie. I don’t remember ever wanting to see any other movie as badly.